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Take a Break from Your Fiji Vacation

People go on a Fiji vacation for one main reason: to relax. There are thousands of things to do and places to see in Fiji, and trying to make reservations for your Fiji vacation and draw up schedules and travel all over trying to find the best places can become nothing short of exhausting. For those of us who want to truly relax while on a Fiji vacation, here are some tips, hints, and ideas that will ensure your relaxation to the fullest, so dont bother pulling out maps and charts and tour guides!

The absolute best thing to do to relax while enjoying the breathtaking sights on your Fiji vacation is to head towards the rainforests, more specifically, to the waterfalls. The rainforests of Fiji are unique, because there are no harmful insects or animals at these majestic places. So, along with leaving behind your maps and charts and planning gizmos, you can leave your bug spray behind, too. Enjoy completely serene relaxation without swatting and shooing and itching! Colorful birds, such as tiny wild parrots, flit from tree to tree, and the soft sound of the waterfalls will give any meditation technique a run for its money. One of the most famous waterfalls is the Bouma Falls on the island of Taveuni. It was this waterfall that was used in the film Return to the Blue Lagoon. Here there is a natural waterslide, and since Fiji has no harmful insects, crocodiles or leaches, the waters are crystal clear.

Stretching along the pristine beaches of Fijis main island is the Coral Coast, and is one of the largest coral reefs in the world. The beaches here are mesmerizing, and command that you pull up some sand and daydream the day away. There are many resorts along the Coral Coast that cater to tourists who are on a Fiji vacation, and the staffs are eager to please, friendly, and whole heartedly want you to refresh and relax with them. There is everything from shopping to dining to day spas in and around the first class resorts, and the day spas are extremely popular places to lay down and do nothing at all.

Finally, one of the most popular ways to take a break from your vacation, no matter where you are, is to take a cruise. By taking a cruise while on your Fiji vacation, you can not only take in the splendid sights of Fiji, but you can also have dining, entertainment, activities, and day spa services without having to take helicopters, buses, or cars. And, the best part of a cruise is that there is always an empty, comfy lounge chair in the middle of Paradise with your name on it.

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