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Tanning Bed Bulbs: The Secret to the Best Tanning Beds

If you’re thinking of investing in good tanning beds, you have to know everything that’s involved in the purchase – the amount of electricity that will be used, the kind of cushion that would be best for your purposes… and the kind of tanning bed bulbs you’re planning to use. Normally you wouldn’t need to consider these because your bed manufacturer will be able to advise you on the kinds of bulbs that you need to use. But if you wish to make the best of your investment, you would do well to do your research first – look up the different bulbs that will produce different tanning effects.

Tanning bed bulbs are at the heart of the perfect tan – they’re literally the very source of it! You must invest in good bulbs if you want to achieve your tan in optimal strength, and in the best possible time. Bulbs that are stronger than ordinary may require you to spend less time on the bed – and use extra strength tanning lotions as well. If you have an advisor on cosmetic matters, you may wish to consult him or her first regarding the tanning procedure – this is only to ensure that you’ll manage to avoid accidents and bad purchases.

Many tanning bulbs use UVA light – a light that is quite intense, in fact more intense than natural sunlight. This means if you don’t observe the proper precautions, using a tanning bed may lead to some pretty serious skin diseases… even skin cancer, at the extreme.

In fact, skin specialists generally don’t recommend the use of indoor tanning machines, as the lights used in tanning beds are quite strong, and overexposure could have some rather severe consequences. But careful use and maintenance of tanning beds ought to enable you to enjoy their full benefits without fear.

If you’re going to be maintaining your own tanning bed, you should have an idea when you should replace your light bulbs. You can do this effectively by purchasing – and subsequently keeping an eye on – a UV light meter. Most bulbs will last 700 hours at over 70 percent efficiency; but as soon as it dips below 70 percent brightness, it’s time to replace your bulbs. Bear in mind that ordinary tanning bulbs are 100-watt. They are also F71 type and bi-pin.

If you don’t want to suffer from the ill effects of indoor tanning, make an effort to buy good tanning bed bulbs, and to replace them regularly. Caution and knowledge are the only two things you need to achieve the perfect tan. provides you with information on how to determine what the best tanning bed bulbs are and where you can get your tanning bed supplies.