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TCA Peels – Proven Effective Acne Treatment and Cure

Acne is a condition that effects 1 out of every 2 teens today. It is characterized by red, raised bumps and patches. Overactive sebacious glands cause these bumps. This is usually due to puberty and resultant hormonal imbalances and pH abnormalities. These make optimal conditions for acne causing bacteria. This acne can result in psychological problems and scars that can last a lifetime. This doesn’t have to happen.

By changing our habits we can lower our chances of getting acne or greatly reduce its impact. Using cleansers instead of soap will prove less irritating. Cetaphil is a great cleanser and is highly recommeded by dermatologists. Eat a well balanced diet (plenty of vegetables, juices, fruits, and especially fish high in omega-3 fatty acids (salmon has been proven to have an anti-aging effect and cleansing effect on skin). This will promote cleaner, healthier skin and reduce the conditions for acne and acne causing bacteria.

Drink plenty of water. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons know how important staying properly hydrated is to your health and your skin. Your skin can’t properly heal and flush itself from harmful acne causing bacteria and oils if it isn’t properly hydrated. The accepted standard is 8 glasses of water per day.

Use products with salicylic acid as it is far more effective than any benzoyl peroxide creams and solutions. Salicylic acid will clean out the deepest pores and kill the bacteria. We need to get several layers down to the source, the bacteria, inflammation, and the sebacious glands where acne forms. Salicylic acid being oil soluble will travel all the way through the pores. Salicylic acid does take time and numerous applications to have an effect – this is where TCA can be more helpful.

Plastic surgeons know that TCA skin peels are better than any other skin peel or treatment for acne. TCA gets straight to the source of the acne. This is why plastic surgeons, dermatologists and doctors use TCA peels (trichloroacetic acid) to normalize the skin pH, decrease oil production (sebaceous activity) and increase skin and collagen production. TCA skin peels have been clinically proven for years to treat and cure acne better than any other treatment (including other peels, lasers and even Accutane) without any of the horrible side effects – Accutane can cause severe side effects. TCA peels have been featured recently on numerous TV shows like The Swan and Dr. 90210.

TCA peels used to cost $1000 or more per treatment at your local plastic surgeon or dermatologists office. Now you can do it yourself and save a bundle – they are available for around $30 on the internet (please see the link below for more info on TCA peels for in home use.) TCA peels are proven to be the safest, easiest to apply, and most effective of all the skin peels currently available. Start taking better care of yourself. Keep your skin clean. Eat a well balanced diet, stay properly hydrated and get a TCA skin peel – your skin will clear up, your acne will improve and you will feel so much better!

David Maillie is an alumni of Cornell University and specializes in biochemical synthesis. He holds numerous patents and provides products to plastic surgeons, doctors, dermatologists and Medi-spas. He can be reached at