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Teaching Children the Futility of Arguments

Arguments always irritated me. I never got the point why people argue to prove themselves right. Is it that if you do not involve yourself in arguments then people will think you are wrong? Don’t you think you can make understand and agree to your thoughts if you do not argue with them and talk with politeness and softness? Though, arguments sometimes unfolds many information that we were unaware of earlier, but most of the time it ends up in serious discussion or quarrels.

Arguments are mostly found among children. Most of the people try to argue with others to prove themselves right. Parents can help their children from developing the habit of arguing with people. Too much of arguments sometimes leave a bad impression. It looks very bad when children involve themselves in arguments, especially when they do it with adults. Children who argue in every discussion are considered to be ill mannered. Though, in many situations, it is good to argue because it gives you a clear picture of everything. It also gives you the confidence to prove your statement right, as too much of anything is bad, in the same way too much argument also may turn up into negative or awkward situations.

Many of us don’t realize but arguments affect our health. When we argue, blood circulation of our body gets faster and it causes fluctuations in the blood pressure of the body. Those who face the problem of high blood pressure should keep themselves away from arguments. Most of the times, it has been seen that arguments takes birth from small discussions. Therefore, they should stop the discussion where they think that the discussion is taking a wrong turn. People should not forget that a small argument may even make a mess.

When it comes to children, then parents should train their children in a manner that they do not get themselves indulged in any kind of arguments. We all expect a good behavior from children, but when they start with arguing with adults, it leaves a bad reflection of their background. It is the duty of the parents to teach their kids certain things which they would take positively. To teach not to argue with anybody, parents also maintain the some atmosphere at home. Children learn everything at home first, and then they start imitating their neighbors and other people. They do exactly what their parents teach them.

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Written by Ravi Jain

I am an OSA Team Member.

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