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Teen Mental Health – Depression in Teenagers – Part 2

Depression in teenagers could be provoked by a number of factors, which vary from teenager to teenager. Certain momentous situations may result this disease such as death of someone close, separation of parents, shifting in to a new neighborhood and problems in relations, such as breaking up with lovers.

The Factors That Prompts Depression

Other aspects that could result in depression in the adolescent is lack of attention from the loved ones, cases of being abused or bullied in the past, damage to the morale or rapid and subsequent events occurring. Any major event that causes disturbance to a teenager could trigger depression later.

Other factors that facilitate the disease to the adolescents could be any traumatic event that had occurred with the teenager in the past. These cases of any earlier shock, that includes cases of incest or physical abuse, experienced by a teenager often causes distress and severe disturbance in the later life, gradually prompting the disease. Stress existing among the teenagers can be another factor that could be a reason behind mental heath disorders.

This occurs mostly when there is lack of emotional backing for instance the teenager’s family. The hormonal change that occurs during the time of puberty is also a factor that provokes the symptoms of irritability and melancholy is highly common. Some medical conditions can also impose the threat of mental disorders. An example of such medical condition is hypothyroidism, which causes hormonal imbalance in the body. Physical ailments over a long period of time can result in depression but these depressions are volatile. Once treated, these medical conditions are cured and the depression associated with it usually goes away. Another very important factor that affects a significant number of adolescents nowadays is substance abuse. Substance abuse has risen dramatically over the last two decades.

Availability of these drugs together with exposure has caused many youngsters to be introduced to them. These drugs can bring about drastic changes in the chemical composition of the brain, leading to addiction, withdrawal seizures and also depression associated with these conditions. Mental disorders are also triggered by allergies to certain types of food such as milk, beef, shrimps or wheat or by dietary deficiencies such as vitamin or amino acid insufficiency.

One of the most shocking facts of the recent times is that an increasing number of teenagers either attempts or commits suicide. In fact suicide has been confirmed to be the third highest factors of the deaths of today’s adolescents. Suicidal approaches and attempts could be facilitated by a number of factors, which includes past record of substance abuse or psychiatric disorder in a teenager.

Teenager victims of sexual harassment or physical abuse are prone to commit suicide. Other factors that include are, family history of suicide or psychiatric disorder, loss or abandon of parent or isolation arising from social or status aspects. Teenagers with a history of previous suicidal attempts are highly prone to this syndrome.

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