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The Benefit Of Time Management – I’m Now In Control

Time management has become a big issue as we make inroads into the 21st. century. I know I have in place good time management practices yet, I cringe at a lot of my associates who seem to get by just acting on a whim. That was certainly me a few short years ago, until I discovered the benefit of time management.

What is it with advanced technology though; isn’t life supposed to be simpler now. Aren’t the amazing technical and non-technical advances we’ve made during the last fifty years supposed to decrease our lack of time? Aren’t we all supposed to be enjoying the benefit of time management? It doesn’t appear so. In fact, people seem to be busier than ever and employing good time management practice makes good sense.

The Benefit Of Time Management

Having a good time management structure will allow you to get your tasks completed on time, every time on a daily basis. More importantly, you’ll reach your minor and major goals by simply taking control of your own destiny.

The main benefit of time management for me has been an improved quality of life. I’m not kidding. Once I would simply put off tomorrow what I could do today but not anymore. And do you know what the best part is… it’s been such an easy transition. Sure there is a little bit of mind conditioning that’s needed in the early stages; the benefit of time management hasn’t been achieved without some mental preparation but what a transition it’s been.

My productivity levels have gone through the roof simply by applying a simple time management strategy. In a nutshell, I sat down and identified what was important and what wasn’t before any particular day and listed them in order of priority. Then with the important and day relevant tasks completed; most times, always before time: I would then assess the unimportant category and if there was anything on the list that could be taken care of today, it was. It’s just so simple.

The biggest benefit of time management for me has been the “death” of procrastination in my life. It’s gone… vamoosed…flown the coup! Good riddance.
It was my nemesis. I just had so many things to do but didn’t know where to start. So I didn’t. I left it till tomorrow; and the next day, and the next day. Does this sound a familiar story? I’m sure there are a few of you reading this who are having a little giggle at the moment.

The benefit of time management can’t be totally described in words but if I had to, I would say no doubt, the biggest benefit has been being able to control my own destiny. And you can do the same.

Dean Caporella is a broadcaster who uses the principle of time management with great success. Visit Dean’s site for news and reviews on the benefit of time management: