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The Benefits of Freight Bill Auditing

If you’re thinking about investing in freight auditing, you may be well on your way to making one of the most money-saving decisions possible for your business. If you ship a great deal of freight and parcels and you’re not thinking about investing in freight bill auditing, well maybe you should just think again. Freight and parcel audit firms have the technology, skills, resources and understanding of the shipping industry to cut your costs dramatically. The fact is that countless billing mistakes and late deliveries are made within the shipping industry every day, and this can add up to a huge waste for you in the end. These audits can provide many benefits that you may not have even thought of.

The reduction of freight and parcel costs is the first and most obvious benefit of freight auditing. Professional firms specialize in auditing carrier voices both electronically and by hand to ensure that no mistakes make it through. This can reduce your shipping costs by 2 to 6 percent. Another benefit is that the auditing professionals can handle the refund process for you, so you and your team do not have to deal with the small parcel and freight carriers yourselves.

Not only does freight bill auditing save money on shipping costs, it also saves money on administrative costs. Since you don’t have to worry about conducting parcel and freight payment audits in-house, you can use your employee resources for more important things. And the fact is that professional freight bill auditors can catch more mistakes than administrative employees who have little or no experience with the shipping industry. Many of these professional auditors even used to work for DSL, FedEx and UPS.

By investing in freight and parcel audit services, you can save money, resources and time for your company. With so many benefits, it is a service worth investing in.

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