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The Best Dark Chocolate – Tips For Food Lovers

The best dark chocolate is most certainly debatable in most peoples eyes. As a matter of fact, there are many people who do not even like or enjoy it to begin with. However, this type of chocolate has has an enormous resurgence in popularity in recent days and this is probably attributed to the fact that it has been documented to have some relatively good health benefits. Most prefer the creamy flavored milk chocolate to it and it is those milk chocolate candy bars that have been the largest sellers for years. And, it is not any particular dark chocolate brand that is better than any of the others in terms of dark chocolate benefits.

It is now that many primarily milk chocolate Therefore, lets explore some of the best which is offered and discuss some specifics about each of the brands that we cover. But, before we do, lets explain exactly what the difference is between dark chocolate and milk chocolate.

The only difference between the two is that in milk chocolate, milk, milk powder, or condensed milk is added to give it that creamy taste. Dark chocolate only has fat and sugar added to it. It is the flavinoids, or more importantly epicatechin, that is the healthy ingredient. And, it is this specific ingredient that is thought to be especially good for the heart. It works to reduce blood clots which eventually lead to clogged arteries and subsequently heart attacks. However, this is provided the dark chocolate level of intake is limited to one point four ounces a day. It certainly does not help if a pound of chocolate is eaten daily.

As far as the best of this type of candy is concerned, there are a tremendous amount of different dark chocolate bars that is on the market today, therefore, deciding upon the best ones will probably be a matter of personal preference. There are sweet types and bitter types. There are types that include nuts and fruits. And, there are many different types that have various degrees of amounts of the cocoa bean, the primary ingredient in chocolate, that have different tastes to them. Although, when it comes to some of the most sold versions, the Dove Dark Chocolate bar seems to be one of the top sellers, as is Hershey’s special bars. These are bars that are predominantly domestically brands and there for are available where most, if not all, candy is sold. But, there are also many non-domestic brands that are on the market today that are also quite as good but are simply not as widely available too.

Therefore, when it comes to the best dark chocolate brands, this is most definitely should be left up to the consumer. As a matter of fact, some of those may be considered better tasting than many of the domestic brands. Find out more tips about dark chocolate benefits at