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The Best Deep Skin Peel

Both men and women are lining up in droves willing to pay hundreds, if not thousands, for a good, deep skin peel. Is it true that wrinkles can be cured, precancerous legions and spots treated, acne cured along with its resultant scars, removal of years of sun damage, freckles, etc? Yes, with a deep skin peels all this and more is possible and thousands are done every day.

There are four different types of skin peels:

1) AHA peels – Glycolic, lactic, malic, etc… These are more superficial and minimally effective. They are good for reduction in oilyness and are effective in treating minor pimples. AHA peels must be redone every 2-3 weeks for maximum effect.

2) BHA peels- Salicylic acid. This is, like AHA peels, a weaker acid, but it has one major difference. It is oil or lipid soluble. Unlike AHA peels, salicylic will actually go right into all the pores and clean them out. It is therefore more effective for minor acne than glycolic and the other AHA’s. This is why Murad salicylic acid) is so much more effective than Proactive (benzoyl peroxide)

3) TCA peels – trichloroacetic acid. TCA peels are a deep skin peel. They treat more skin ailments and conditions than any other skin peel and are easier to use. Deep skin peels can treat all stages of acne, reduce symptoms, kill acne causing bacteria better than any other product, and even treat scars that have resulted from acne. More dermatologists use TCA deep skin peels than any other treatment for acne for these same reasons. It is just as effective as Accutane without any of the real serious side effects. The best thing is you only need to do 1 or 2 deep TCA peels per year for maximum results. And you can now even purchase these TCA peels for in home use.

4) Phenol. Phenol peels are rarely used as they often result in permanent skin bleaching and pigmentation problems. Phenol is toxic and requires anesthesia and heart monitoring. Almost no one uses this peel any more.

Deep skin peels can be very effective and the TCA peel is regarded by dermatologists to be the best one. It has been touted as the fountain of youth in a bottle and is now available for home use. It is the easiest to use, the most effective, and safest.

David Maillie is a chemist with over 12 years experience in biochemical research and clynical analysis. He is an alumni of Cornell University and specializes in biochemical synthesis for public, private, and governmental interests. He can be reached at M.D. Wholesale: