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The Best Saltwater Fishing Lure

Any angler can tell you that when fishing in saltwater the type of lure you use will be very important. Years ago live bait was really the only option you had when saltwater fishing. As you well know that is no longer the case. Today there are so many different lures to choose from, how do you know which ones will work the best for you and when?

To help you decide which saltwater fishing lures are the best and when you should use them, below are some of the top lures available and a brief description of each.

* Jigs – The jig is considered to be one the best lures available because it is the perfect lure that will catch almost any species of fish. However, to get this kind of results you do need to know how to use it correctly. There are several methods that can be used such as drifting, trolling and casting. When drift fishing you lower the lure to the bottom of the water and then make it move around so the fish will notice it. This can be done by making a fast jerking motion upward with the tip of the rod and then allowing it to drift back into position. When it reaches bottom, begin again.

Trolling with jigs is very effective and is done by using several of the same rods and lures at the same time. Casting also works well when using a jig as your saltwater fishing lure. Jigs come in many different sizes. However, the most popular sizes range from 1/8 ounce to 11/2 ounce. The jig is designed with a heavy head and a skirt wrapped around the hook that is made from feathers, nylon, plastic or similar material. They come in a wide variety of colors and style.

* Spoons – The best spoons to use when saltwater fishing are made from stainless steel, nickel or chrome. The smaller size spoons are best for using with spinning gear and normally have treble hooks. Use the larger spoons when trolling for the bigger catfish. Spoons will wobble and produce bright flashes of light through the water that attracts the attention of the fish. It is best to use a slow to medium speed when retrieving the line with a spoon lure.

* Plastic lures – There are a large number of plastic lures available that you can use to fish with. They are designed to resemble many different types of live bait from the worm to the shrimp. Most of them are designed to produce some type of action when reeled through the water that makes them appear to be alive to the fish. This captures their attention and brings them your way.

* Rubber lures – Just like the plastic lures, rubber lures can refer to a large variety of items that resembles all types of live bait. They are basically used the same way as the plastic lures, except many are designed where the hook can be run through for a more realistic effect. You will find that both plastic and rubber lures produce some great results when saltwater fishing.

* Metal Squids – The metal squid is one of the oldest artificial saltwater lure. You will find many different sizes, weights and colors available. When using metal squids you need to make them look realistic and alive so the fish will be attracted to them. Some of the best times to use the metal squids are when water is rough. Remember to keep the slack out of your line or the lure will begin to sink and the fish will lose interest. Adjust the reeling action to match the tide and current you are fishing in to get the best results.

* Spinners – Spinners work great when trolling rivers, bays and inlets. It doesn’t matter what blade shape the spinners have but you do need to make sure that are suitable for the saltwater. Therefore, the stain-less steel, chrome and nickel plated are the best choices. Spinners can be used alone or with other bait. You can try them both ways to see which one produces the best results for you at any given time.

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