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The Biggest Health Problem of American Bulldogs

American bulldogs can live happy long lives if they are given the right health care including grooming, exercise, vaccinations and diet. These dogs do have a few health problems which may result from lack of health care. Cardiovascular problems and joint problems generally affect larger dogs more than smaller dogs. Many studies suggest that large dogs are subjected to higher hormone growth compared to smaller ones, which therefore can shorten their life span. Diet is one of the biggest problems for these dogs followed by vaccines.

Feeding Your Dog

American bulldogs need special attention to diet because of their size. Do not feed the dog the food you eat since they would not get proper nutrition. Dog food has the right mix of vitamins and nutrition that these dogs would need for health lives. Before you feed your dog check the ingredients. The digestive system of dogs can digest raw foods better than cooked food. Health problem associated with food for these dogs is that they love food items like beef, poultry, eggs, cheese and oatmeal. They also like vegetables and fruit but like uncooked foods more than cooked ones. Whether or not it is safe for these dogs to eat these food items will depend on many factors so it is best to consult your veterinarian. Breeders and vets tend to have different views on the subject so the decision would be yours to make ultimately.


It is important to keep up to date with vaccinations for your American bulldogs so they can have a healthy life and can avoid diseases and death. Dogs that do not get any vaccinations get affected by viral diseases and contagious diseases. Vaccinations can protect your dog against parvovirus, rabies and distemper. In several states, it is necessary to get heartworm pills for your dog to protect it. Before heartworm treatment starts, your dog will be checked to ensure that he/she does not have any health problems. If contact is already been made with heartworm, the treatment may cause death and therefore a test is conducted. Vets are qualified to diagnose and to treat your dog so it is essential not to take treatment or vaccinations in your hands.

Your beautiful dog relies on you for love and care and therefore it is necessary for you to take out the time to learn more about caring for your dog, feeding them the right food, grooming and protecting them against diseases and health problems. The right exercise, nutrition and vaccinations will keep American bulldogs happy and healthy for several years.

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