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The City of Kings

The coastal city of Lima, Peru lies on the west coast of South America. During the days of Spanish colonial rule the city was regarded as the most important and prosperous city in Spanish America and was the finest in the region, known as The City of Kings.

Lima hugs a craggy patch of Pacific coast. The beaches are rocky, and the water is cold, but flower-abundant cliff-top parks offer the perfect place for a leisurely sun set stroll.

The streets, plazas and alley ways of the historical centre of Lima have a myriad of cafes and restaurants, which range from classic turn of the century, such as the Palais Concert to modern.

The heart of the old town is centred on the striking Plaza Mayor, or Plaza de Armas, gracefully colonial with its bronze fountain and old street lamps. It was once the central market place, where bull fights were held during Spanish rule.

As the largest city in the country, with a population of immigrants from around the country and the most international flavour, Lima certainly has Peru’s most varied nightlife scene. Nightlife centres around the penas, bars offering jazz folk music, jazz, Peruvian Creole a music that combines European musical forms with native Peruvian, Spanish, and African rhythms and instruments.

Barranco, a neighbourhood of beautiful 19th-century architecture, located by the municipal square, is the heart of the city’s contemporary arts and nightlife. Miraflores is Lima’s central cultural district, containing the many fine restaurants, theatres, and galleries.

Larcomar is a recently built entertainment and shopping, which has a privileged location on the sea front. It has a selection of restaurants, ice-cream parlours, and shops selling accessories, books and gifts as well as a multiplex cinema, bowling alley.

One of Lima’s main attractions is its delicious cooking; quality food is found every where and it is not necessary to only go to the most expensive restaurants to enjoy a good meal. The citys cuisine has managed to incorporate many influences and has made many traditions of its own.

Balneario La Punta is a Naval Base, with various boulder beaches, a picturesque sea front and family homes dating back between the 20s and the 50s coexist on this long peninsula jutting out into the Pacific Ocean. During the summer months bathers are especially attracted to these beaches as they offer an ideal place to cool off in the cold waters. As this quiet area is only an hour-drive away from Lima, it has become an ideal place to live.

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