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The Company Christmas Party That Wasn’t: A Story Of Inaction

There have been many people that have been tasked with putting a Christmas party together. There have been a lot of them that wanted to do the best job they could and started with planning a great party. One guy thought that the best they could do was a pot-luck with everyone and he proceeded to take up that course of action. It was a fairly small, 75 person firm and he wanted to capitalize on the family size and the warm feelings that Christmas is famous for and that was the way it was going to go. His direct report mentioned that there was an adequate budget for something a little bit more ‘out-going’; however, the man was fixed in his thoughts that this idea of his was the one to undertake.

The company Christmas party is thrown during a time that has all of the employees and their families thinking about the reason for the season! They have the things in mind that make them want to spend time with their extended families and all of the things that they are working to pay for. The man assigned to the Christmas party did very little to manage the affair ahead of time. He had a lot of things to consider for this party, even if he really wanted everyone else to bring the food. There was the drinks, the entertainment, the gifts for the kids that were present at every other Christmas party the company has ever had! He had a lot of work and he wanted to ‘get back to the way things were!’. His dreams of the perfect family centered party were just that, dreams, because he didn’t get everything put together. Oh, the party happened, less than one half of everyone showed up and they didn’t stay long!
(They no longer have Christmas parties)

When you are deciding what it is that you need to have at an office Christmas party that you are in charge of, do not let everything float around until it doesn’t get done! There are a lot of things that need to be done and the beginning of the planning is only the beginning. The best thing to do for those who have a lot of things to do at work is to consult with one of the many corporate events companies that will help you design the best company Christmas party. They have all of the experience and they have all of the ideas and they can also help you to crystallize your own ideas and assist you in perfecting the office Christmas party that everyone wants to be a part of. They have the time to do it right and they do this every day!

They can help you to focus on what needs to be done. They can assist you in the acquisition of the many different elements that must all go together to create the Christmas party that everyone will not only want to be at but also will be talking about for years to come.

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