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The Courage to Live

It is a weakness to wait on life but strength to create a live worth living. It is a privilege to have access to a day and breathe flow through your body. Life is to be invigorating to the soul and to nourish the senses. To wake up every morning child-like with no attachment and anticipating great adventure around every corner. Not expecting anything other than the world to show its beauty and to be in awe of the delicate balance of everything working together as one.

Allow life to flow through your veins just a as river flows through a mountain, whispering to the creatures it is available and ready to be shared. Listen to the beat of your heart, become unconventional. Dance to the music and accept not everyone will clap.

There are no rules only the rules you find fitting to your lifestyle. Be daring and dashing, walking in and captivating, inducing audiences by the spirit of the divine. The creator has given you a life to be lived and honored. Make haste. Each day must represent intentional living and great awareness to the smallest of details which makes life worth living.

Step down out of the fog and look at the radiant tapestry created before your eyes. The vibrant color of the sun’s rays screams energy and life while the green grass displays a bed calmness and comfort. Our journey is one of mind, body and soul sensing the intangibles of life.

Love, commitment, energy, and passion are all living behind the doors of your life. Do not wait on the doors, but create and decorate each entrance, turn the gold knob, enter the unknown. Fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride; for all of your dreams have been waiting maybe for hundreds of years to be lived.

Each dream is its own entity and to pass one up is to say it was not worthy of being lived. The dream will sit in sadness and eventually die. The lost dream will not feel it was worthy while it waited countless years for you to come and smile upon its face. Accept the dream, live in the present and enjoy the magic, Joy is a duty. If you are ready for change and to live life as it is meant to be lived, then take a deep breath and hold on tight. Your adventure is about to begin.

Tammy Robbins is a life coach working with parents and teenagers. Life is about what happens between the -. You can contact Tammy at or