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The Dangers of an Ineffective Lead Generation Tool and How to Avoid Them

Just like any other company, firms engage in an all-out endeavor in business-to-business (B2B) lead generation. Yes, their thoughts are on the goals that they want to reach in a given period. But, their efforts are all directed on how to accomplish those objectives rather than being intoxicated by dreams that are still uncertain to occur. This is primarily the reason why business organisations are very critical in choosing which tool to use.

Picking a direct marketing technique is indispensable for every firm. After all, it is through their chosen instrument and execution that success in lead generation program heavily lies on. Therefore, there is no room for error because every small hole in the wall can lead to bigger problems. A wrong choice of medium can result to failure and losses.

These are some of the risks an ineffective lead generation tool can bring:

1. Low reach and response ratios. It is a must for a lead generation program to be fast. This is so because slow progress means longer sales cycle, lower chances of converting opportunities and giving competitors the upper hand to be ahead of the race. A lame direct marketing tool has a failing grade either to reach or response ratio, or worse, to both. It is a slouch in reaching sales prospects and/or will not make them respond right away. This is a major upset since it delays the qualification process, which, in turn, freezes sales activities.

2. Inaccurate targeting of industry or market. Another jeopardy is the inability of a medium to target the exact industry where a firm wants to market. Though it may be good in easily reaching its prospects, it may be incapable of searching for the right industry. Other business entities are regarded as sales prospects but they may not fall on the industry a firm opts to do businesses with. Consequently, effort, time, and money are needlessly squandered away.

3. Failure to qualify sales prospects. The most crucial point in any lead generation program is the qualification of the sales prospects. This is the phase where every sales lead is examined to learn whether they are interested, sales ready, authorized and have the resources to purchase a product or service. Ineptitude and ineffectiveness in qualifying potential customers will lead to lost opportunities. It is as if money slipped away when it is already on the hand.

4. Loss on forfeited opportunities. Every qualified sales prospect is equivalent to one big opportunity. No one knows for sure what an opportunity can bring. Thus, forfeiting opportunities is disappointingly heart-rending. Opportunities only come once and rarely for the second time around. Letting it fly away is downright a big blow.

5. Generating Poor Sales Leads. The worst thing that can happen to a company that utilizes an ineffective tool is generating poor sales leads. For obvious reasons, it will be too hard or close to zero possibility that an appointment will be set-up or a sale will be closed. Either way does not look like a good thing to ponder on.

Sales leads are like the air that breathes life to business organisations. This is more than an enough reason for every firm to be very careful in their selection of a lead generation tool. On the positive side, this can be avoided and at the same time, a surefire success in programs can be attained through outsourcing the services of a telemarketing firm. Outsourcing companies are well-armed with the right medium and the needed resources to ensure the campaigns success; purging the risks involved in generating qualified sales leads.

Maegan Anderson works as a professional consultant. She helps businesses in Australia increase their revenue by lead generation and appointment setting services through telemarketing. To know more about this visit: