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The Easiest Ways To Give Your Dog Pills

Have you ever wondered what some easy ways are to give your dog glucosamine pills when needed? We have some suggestions after years of practice! We have had as many as 6 dogs at one time in the past, so we have had plenty of opportunity to learn some easy ways to give canines tablets or pills.

Most vets will simply tell you to take the pill and use your fingers to push it to the far back of the dog’s throat. There is a point that when the tablet gets pushed back so far that the dog’s swallowing reflex kicks in and he will automatically swallow it. The trick is simply pushing it back into the throat far enough.

Many pet owners do not like the idea of ramming something like this down their pet’s throat. Although it does not seem to hurt the dog, they usually do resist the process and thus it makes it seem like it might not be the nicest thing to do for a loved pet.

One method we have found that works really well is to simply fake the dog out with a treat covered in peanut butter. Actually, even if you do not have a treat, you can simply use a small piece of bread covered in peanut butter with the pill wrapped inside. This method works very well and always results in the dog swallowing the glucosamine pill. There are times with the first method that the dog will end up spitting the pill out if it is not pushed back far enough.

Another method we have used that works really well is to place some dog steak sauce on top of their food at meal time and place the capsule on the sauce. You can buy these canine steak sauces at the large pet supply stores or online. The sauces come in a variety of flavors but about any of them will work just fine since dogs are not very picky when it comes to such things.

Hopefully, the next time your vet gives you glucosamine tablets or pills for your pet, these tips will help make the process of giving them to your dog much easier. No longer should you dread the process of getting your dog to take capsules or tablets. These methods can be used for giving pills to any aged dog at any time.

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