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The Effect of White Noise Machines on a Child’s Learning and Behavior

It’s likely that the 1 in 3 adults who suffer from insomnia and sleep related troubles experienced similar problems as children. It’s widely understood that lack of sleep can impact a child’s ability to learn and grow, but little information exists about how to identify sleep troubles and ways to solve the problem.

Babies that lack proper sleep tend to be more irritable and have a more difficult time learning new tasks. Tired babies can easily succumb to fits of rage, often chalked up to a personality trait. School age children who lack proper rest tend to function below their innate ability level in school. They can even exhibit signs similar to that of a learning disability simply due to sleep deprivation. Before trying medicines or accepting the behavior, try testing the effects of a white noise machine.

What is a white noise machine?

The white noise machine was developed to aid those who are highly sensitive to noise pollution to achieve the deep peaceful sleep needed to remain alert and refreshed throughout the day.

White noise machines simultaneously emit a soft sound composed of every sound frequency audible to man. The result is a gentle hum that when exposed to, makes it difficult for the brain to subconsciously tune in to the distracting sounds that cause difficulty falling asleep and restless nights.

Winning the bedtime battle

Children require much more sleep than adults. Because adults need less sleep, they don’t always realize how little sleep their child receives compared to amount recommended by pediatricians. Oftentimes, the fight to get children to sleep seems like an uphill battle. Many parents think that as long as their kids aren’t falling asleep in classes or throughout the day, that they are getting the proper amount of sleep.

For kids who are highly sensitive to noise, falling asleep while other family members are still awake and making noises can be frustrating and fruitless. By placing a white noise machine in the child’s room, the sounds of the household are drowned out, allowing the child to fall easily into much needed sleep.

Using a white noise machine to improve concentration

Children with an acute distraction to noises not only experience trouble at bedtime, but at other times throughout the day when relaxation or concentration is required. Placing a white noise machine in the room with babies and toddlers during play allows them to concentrate more on the tasks and functions of their educational toys.

School age children can show marked improvement when studying or completing homework assignments in a room with a white noise machine. For some children and adults, outside noise distractions are detrimental to a steady stream of concentration. When the brain is not distracted by outside noise distractions, children may experience an increased sense of pride in their ability to grasp concepts and work out problems.

Because noise is such a constant factor in our lives, we’ve learned to tune out much of it subconsciously. For those who can’t or have a difficult time doing so, even the slightest amount of noise distraction can have major impacts on daily life that add up over the course of a lifetime. A white noise machine can often be the solution eliminating unnecessary crankiness and poor grades and the beginning of a refreshing life.

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