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The Essence of Love

I am no religious scholar but I have spent much of my early childhood rearing in Catholic school. In Christianity, we are taught the holy trinity consists of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I’ve often asked myself what does this really mean. The Father is God, and the Son, Jesus. The Holy Spirit is elusive. Is this the all pervading essence that unites us as one? I believe so. Yet when I think about it more deeply, God seems pretty elusive and all pervading as well. What or who is God?

People of all races, cultures and traditions have tried to explain what God is. We all have many different names for God and what that ultimately means but the essence of the message is the same. All Paths lead to the ONE. I find it quite ironic that numerous wars have been waged over the concept of who God is and what God means. Millions of lives have been lost over this battle of my God is better than your God. If so many lives weren’t sacrificed over this concept, I think it would be quite comical actually. It reminds me of the childhood idiom of “my father punched your father right in the nose…..” My father is stronger than yours….

It’s Jesus that I can relate to the most. After all he was human, just like us. He lived a worldly life, he suffered and he died. I consider him a great prophet, one who had a universal message for all human beings. That message is love, plain and simple. Love for each other and for ourselves and for for the world we live in. Yet again, the concept of this man has been extremely distorted. Guilt and suffering pervaded this philosophy and love seems to have fallen by the wayside. This has led me to study other religious philosophies.

Hinduism is the one that interests me the most. In Hinduism, we are taught of Brahma, the Creator, Vishnu, the Preserver and Shiva, the Destroyer. This triad is similar to the one discussed above.
G (Generating) Brahma
O (Operating) Vishnu
D (Destroying) Shiva

There is a birth or creation, maintenance and preservation and a dissolution, destruction in all aspects of life. I wonder why we as people feel the need to claim something as our own truth? Why can’t we just let things flow in a natural course, like rivers? Our need for control diminishes the essence of conscious evolution. Love is it’s own religion and can revolutionize our souls when we truly let go of labels and categories. Love is the primal feeling that weaves us all together in my small view. We are all seeking love and liberation from suffering. There is not one person I have met who isn’t looking for just one person to truly love. And yet I know so many people who feel so alone.

I think love is it’s own religion if we were to let it flow more freely. I think love is the key to unlock all of our hearts. Giving is love. When we can give freely we are truly loving. When we love something we give energy to it. Live every moment as a shift in perception of love. When we learn to truly love ourselves, we can truly love others. Love has the power to heal. We are that which we seek and if we all seek to love and be loved why are we still suffering?

In Tantric philosophy, this is because we don’t have enough desire or love! The Gods are mirrors and prisms of all aspects of who we are. We are complex beings of feeling and emotions. Our ideas of God, reflect and mirror this. I am not you, I am something like you but I am nothing like you! Hmmm. This is a phrase Douglas Brooks used when I heard him speak recently in Santa Fe and it really makes me think. What is our essence? That’s surely something to contemplate.

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