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The Ford Focus Has Been Newly Designed Available For 2012

The 2012 Ford Focus happens to be rated #4 of the top 33 affordable smaller cars available today, based upon test drives and 24 published reviews. The evaluators love the updates of the Focus, which has been completely redesigned for the 2012 model year. This is partly due to substantial changes to the interior and exterior, and partly because of how much fun it is to drive.

The moment it first became available back in 2000, the Ford Focus was hugely popular, but its appeal diminished a bit over ensuing years as its competitors made improvements to their cars. Now, some 11 years down the line, Ford is convinced its Focus will again become one of the top choices among smaller cars. These people know the competition is serious, what with the Chevy Cruze, the Honda Fit and the Mazda 3, but they’re more than ready to take them on. One factor is all the nifty changes to the Focus’ interior, including many new high tech attributes. They have included a semi automatic parallel parking system, along with keyless entry and ignition and a useful rear view camera system.

Plus, within the steering wheel you will see an all new configuration of 5-way touch pads, which creates a whole new driver technology. You are likely to also appreciate the new 8-inch touch screen that can be found on high-end models.

Two options, MyKey and MyFord, that exist on other models such as the Ford Edge, now come on the Focus. MyFord happens to be a touch screen console that combines entertainment, communication and course-plotting. When your teenager is using the car, MyKey definitely will restrict the speed of the vehicle and the volume of the stereo as a safety feature. Yet another first for this car class is its torque vectoring management feature. This specific element is great for driving enthusiasts because it increases vehicle stability by adding brake force to the wheels during turns.

The automobile industry, too, is enthusiastic by the new look and feel of the Focus. Just like the Ford Fiesta and the Honda Fit, the new Focus is definitely a lot more sporty than the older models. Nevertheless, the question is whether or not the Focus is going to survive once the great reviews and all the excitement have faded. It is difficult to tell what could happen with this car, because there are other affordable cars that are small on the market. They have three major competitors with regards to features and utility, as well as cost – The Honda Fit, the Hyundai Elantra and the Chevy Cruze.

Be sure and at least consider these three competitors if you’re thinking about purchasing a Focus. The Ford Focus has been newly designed for 2012, and it has a lot of features that could make it an ideal car for a lot of people. It is more affordable than other cars, but is probably not as big as you need.

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