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The good side to commercial solar pv

If you are planning on installing a commercial solar pv system in your establishment there are certain ground rules that you need to keep in mind. Before you get the system installed, you will need to evaluate your current bill and find out where you currently stand. You will also have to invest in a solar pv system based on the solar power rebates as well as tax incentives that you will be entitled to. Once you have assessed all these aspects you can then look into a more important part of finding the right kind of installer for you commercial solar pv system.

Before you can settle on which installer will do a good job for you, you will have to get potential installers to come and visit your site so that they can give you a proposal. Have at least three different installers visit you and give you their estimate. For you to be able to do this, you will have to find the right kind of installers first. This can be done by searching for reputable solar pv installers online, reading print medium, or from recommendations that come from people in other businesses who may have got this job done.

You will have to look into certification that each one of them comes with. For example, MCS and NICEIC are respected. Their system of certification is a rigorous one. And rest assured that the installer has to be top notch in order to be able to have it. For the installer, it will mean having the right kind of educational background in electrical engineering. At least a few of the installers working for him are from technical backgrounds and have union based apprenticeship to their credit. All of this will also be supplemented with the answering of a 4-hour examination.

When it comes to the expenses involved, you could think of it from two aspects. There are national chains of organizations that are involved in installation. You could choose from these, simple because their rates are a bit cheaper and you can even get a rebate depending on whether you take up a maintenance contract with them as well. You could also opt for a local based installer who may be a bit expensive but will always be available at short notice if you need him.

There are several benefits to installation of a commercial solar pv set up. These are monetary and you can also do your part for nature.

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