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The Health Hazards of Indoor Lighting

When the dazzling lights reflected by glass curtain walls makes you can’t open your eyes, you can also cover the eyes or raising your hand instinctively to avoid it. But some light pollution and its hazards, perhaps you have no consciousness. In recent years, disputes caused by light pollution increasing year by year, its health effects have to draw our attention.

According to the survey results show that, turn on the lights at night to sleep before 2-year-old child, the myopia rate is about 55%; and children sleeping in the dark, the myopia rate are only 10%. Light pollution caused by poor visual environment is considered an important factor in high myopia. Some studies show that working and living in white light pollution in a long time, the incidence of cataracts is as high as 45%. If the environment exposed to strong light or phototherapy, eye lens function will be affected, after injury may lead to cataracts. Therefore, be sure to avoid glaring at harsh lights.

Many people can’t fall asleep, and later in the evening afraid, upset and anxiety. When people sleep, although the eye is closed, but the light still can through the eyelids, affect sleep. According to clinical statistics, about 5% -6% of insomnia is due to noise, light and other environmental factors, of which about 10% of light. Once insomnia, the body is lack of adequate rest, in turn lead to a deeper level of health problems.

Excessive exposure to light at night may lead to depression. Light pollution can cause dizziness and upset, depression, physical fatigue and other symptoms similar to neurasthenia. For those people who work at night or have nightlife with long-term, will greater damaged by light pollution. The longer women work at night, the greater the chances of developing breast cancer. Long-term exposure to the colorful lights in dance hall, the UV can induce nosebleeds, tooth loss, cataracts, and even lead to leukemia and other cancers. Colorful lights is not only negative on the eye, but also interference with central nervous, making people nausea, vomiting, insomnia, difficulty concentrating and other symptoms.

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