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The History Behind Giving Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are an amazing phenomenon. Why bother with one gift? Enjoy a entire basket full of them. Whether you are giving or on the receiving end, gift baskets are ideal Christmas gift. Understanding how gift baskets came to be is a fascinating history.

How Gift Baskets Came to Be

Like much of Christmas tradition and history, giving gift baskets got its start in ancient times. And – like much of Christmas tradition and history – some of it is shrouded in intrigue and mystery. Nonetheless, the following historical tidbits may have given rise to the modern phenomenon of gift baskets.

-Baby Moses and the basket. Thousands of years ago, in ancient Egypt, a Hebrew baby named Moses was born. As the story goes, he was placed into a waterproof reed basket and carefully placed in the Nile River to escape the baby massacre instigated by the vengeful Egyptian ruler who was bent on limiting the population explosion of his resident Hebrew slave population. The gift of this baby-in-a-basket ended up arriving Pharaoh’s daughter Nile bath time. She then ended up raising the baby Moses, who was delivered to her in a basket.

-The apostle Paul and the basket. The famous biblical figure Paul also escaped impending danger by means of a basket. Friends, knowing of the murderous intent of Paul’s foes that were lurking in the city gates, lowered their friend over the walls of the city in a man-sized basket. Paul escaped, and gifted the Grecian world with the news of the Christian faith.

-The pagan goddess Eostre and her basket. The ancient Saxon goddess, Eostre is the namesake for the Christian holiday of Easter. According to legend, Eostre carried plants and eggs in a special basket, which she then gifted to the other gods.

-Historically, baskets were simply a means for transporting just about anything. Naturally, this included gifts of food, clothing, and meals for others. The tradition has lived on, perhaps inspired by nothing more than mere need.

How to Give Gift Baskets

Nowadays, babies and saints do not usually arrive in baskets, but gift baskets are still a great gift idea. Here are a few suggestions for giving gift baskets.

-Make your own. Try making a customized gift basket, assembling items of importance or significance to a friend or family.

-One great solution is to go with a trusted name. Gift cards are ideal as a gift for fine gift baskets. Gift cards from their favorite sites give your friends and loved ones the chance to browse the exquisite finery and amazing beauty of the pre-assembled gift baskets. So, if you want to give a gift of beauty, backed by millennia of history, go with a trusted gift basket provider.

-Give a food gift basket. Whether you make it yourself, or buy a gift card to a favored retailer, nobody can turn down a delectable basket of edible goodies.

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