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The History of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has changed a great deal since doctors began using such procedures to repair birth defects and repair facial wounds caused by war or service. The procedures that were once a necessity became popular among rich people striving for perfection and eventually became an accessible option for anyone wanting to reshape part of their face or body.

Molding the Body

The idea of reshaping or molding the body is not a new practice. Cosmetic surgeries have been done for roughly 4,000 years. It wasn’t until the 18th century, however, that surgeons began using anesthesia during this reconstruction. Furthermore, it wasn’t done in America until 1891 when John Roe reduced the risks associated with it.

Repairing the Body from War

World War II brought on a surge of cosmetic surgeries as men returned from the war with facial wounds. This type of surgery was used to reconstruct and reshape the faces of men who were missing parts or had abnormal shapes due to wartime fighting. Though doctors couldn’t remove the agony from the soldier’s minds, they could fix the soldier’s appearance.

The Changing Purpose of Cosmetic Surgeries

The purpose of this type of surgery has changed over time. While it once served a valuable service to people who needed facial and body reconstruction, it has become a way for people to change features they simply don’t like.

Some surgeries, such as rhinosplasty, are necessary for proper breathing, but more often than not, cosmetic surgery is done for purely aesthetic reasons.

Cosmetic surgery is an operation performed on many people in the general population to make themselves look and feel better. Our society is obsessed with beauty and perfection, making cosmetic surgery an option for anyone interested in changing the way they look.

Surgery for the Rich

Celebrities used to try and hide it if they did have cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance or reduce aging and it would turn into a huge media frenzy if someone was “outted”. These days, however, celebrities are not as afraid to talk about having cosmetic surgery and they certainly aren’t the only ones having it done.

Though cosmetic surgery was once considered only for rich people, it has grown in popularity and has become more widely accepted in recent years.

Risks and Side Effects of Cosmetic Surgeries

The goal of the surgery is to improve your look or reshape deformities, but there are also risks associated with the procedure. You may experience nerve damage, blood loss, infection, tissue damage or scarring. The other risk is that the end result of the surgery may not be what you desire. Changes from cosmetic surgery are permanent and additional surgeries might be required to correct size, shape or functionality.

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