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The Importance of Nursery Education in this 21st Century

The time has changed and along with that the education system has also changed. Now every parent wants to offer their kids the best education. Father and Mother both devote their major time in raising their children. They nurture their child just to make them productive individuals of the society. It is true that the child’s entire future depends on the nurturing of the parents. Once the child becomes a good citizen of India then the Government also gets the benefit of it as one day they will become the taxpayer. The first few years are very crucial for children to make them learn the basic things, morality, self discipline and social integration. A Child’s formative years are the prime time to form an attitude which last for a lifetime. Education plays an important role in improving favorable attitude. Nursery education is like a building block for the child. Nursery school teachers help child’s mind to develop while they are under their care. In play school children are also made to learn many activities that help them to develop social skills with other students.

Nursery Schools are the initial step for the child in the education world. They study how to calculate, how to write sentences and how to draw, paint, how nature works and other basic things. The primary goal of Nursery school is to instill the incomparable learning by providing outstanding ambience so that the children realize their own potential and make their skills the strength of life. Education is very essential part of one’s life as it decides. Kids make their first friends in a nursery school and it is the desire of every parent that their child receive the strong base so that their child’s future is secured. It is very important for the child to join a good nursery school just to get a well environment.

Education is an essential part of everybody’s life. It makes great impact on everyone’s life and the educational background of a person decides the career of the person. It is one of the most important things that one should acquire in life, as whole career depends upon the education. Fundamentally, schooling is divided into primary, middle and secondary education, by the Government of India. Primary means the education of the child up to class V whereas; middle means the VI-VIII class education and secondary education means classes IX-XII. From class I onwards formal educational starts. Parents teach the basic things to their child at home, as a part of preparation for the child admission in the best Nursery school in the locality. The nursery education provides concrete base to the child. The nursery education makes the students more responsible and sensible for their studies. They learn the discipline and various other learning activities at a very small age, which are of great use for them in the future. It has been discovered in UK that nursery education plays a vital role in enhancing educational overall standards of the students. Now the need is to offer free nursery education so that the poor section of the country can also take advantage of it.

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