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The Important information of visas and immigration for living in Mexico

This special visa allow tourist to live in Mexico for almost 180 days. Secondly, important visa is FM3. This visa is specially designed for those people who prefer to living in Mexico part time and don’t want to become a permanent citizen or resident. This type of visa should be renewed before leaving Mexico. Last important type of visa for immigration in Mexico is FM2. If person wants to migrate Mexico permanent then person should apply for FM2. By using this visa, person can enjoy all the privileges as well as rights as Mexican citizen. According to recent research that Mexico is considered to be leading and popular retirement destination. After getting retirement, many people prefer to live in Mexico because of infrastructure, best medical care system and basic life facilities.

In case of discussing the important information of visas and immigration for living in Mexico we can say that there are many reasons that show the popularity of Mexico. The main reasons are as follows:

1. The most important reason for living in Mexico is affordability. This is considered to be the main reason that people prefer to live in Mexico. Person can purchase luxurious condos and homes at affordable prices. Moreover, the medical care facility in Mexico is economical and affordable. Because of this reason, many people prefer to purchase condos and homes in Mexico.
2. Secondly, Mexico is famous as a best buyer market. During recession period, the demand of every product gets dried up and price gets plummeted. Because of this main reason, people make a decision for living in Mexico. In Mexico, the property prices are very low as compared to other countries.
3. Last important and main reason for living in Mexico is safety. Life in Mexico is very protective and secure. Moreover, Mexico cities are much protective and safer as compared to other cities. Mostly tourists prefer to visit Mexico because of comfortable and safe journey. Because, safety and protection is very important for enjoying holidays.

Finally, we van say that these are considered to be main reasons that shows why people prefer for living in Mexico. Mexican culture is very rich as well as ancient. Moreover, Mexicans are very sociable and warm people and always welcome the tourists and outsiders with gratitude and open arms. Before moving to Mexico it is very important for every person to collect important and necessary information related to visas and immigration process. Hence, we can say that Mexico is the best place for living after getting retirement from job.

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