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The Interesting Story of the 8 Immortals and How Their Magic Can Help You!

In Taoist legend, the Eight Immortals are something like saints, and their presence in your home is said to bring peace and happiness to the homeowner. They have been immortalized in beautiful paintings and sculptures, and add a beneficial element to any home. Each is shown dressed in iconic costumes, holding objects that reflect their particular form of magic!

The Eight Immortals are said to guard the eight directions, so representations of them in your home are considered very good feng shui. Thy are said to bring longevity, good fortune, healthy offspring, wealth and good reputation to those who display them. Taken together, they represent all things that are good, positive and beneficial

Han Xiang Zi guards the southeast, and his element is wood. He is considered the Five Phases of Energy, and is the Master of Heaven. His robes are decorated with scared knots that combine the energies of Yin and Yang into the One Original Energy. He is usually portrayed carrying a bouquet of flowers and flute, on which he plays the Six Healing Sounds.

Han Zhong Li guards the east, and his element is also wood. A bearded figure, his hair is coiled on the sides of his head. He holds a fan, which he uses to revive and reincarnate the souls of the recently departed, and he frequently visits the Earth as a messenger for the Gods of Heaven. He is usually shown riding a Chi Lin, a mythical animal sacred to the Taoists. He signifies longevity, and will bring good sons into your family.

Chao Guo Jiu guards the northeast, and his element is earth. He holds castanets, which he uses as a soothing tool to facilitate meditation. He is often seen riding a Pi Yao, a great animal of Chinese luck, who helps him to reveal the secrets of the Tao and of immorality. The Chinese believe he is still living on Earth, and having his likeness in your home attracts his presence. He is considered a great protector, and an ally for those who need help in their studies.

Zhang Guo Lao guards the north, and his element is water. He holds a tube containing phoenix feathers, which he uses to divine the future. The Chinese believe that he assists those who have died in achieving a beneficial reincarnation. His image is often placed in the bedrooms of people hoping to conceive, and of those who wish to have prophetic dreams.

Lan Chai He, the youngest of the Immortals, guards the northwest, and his element is metal. He carries a whisk for brushing away flies, plus handfuls of branches from plants associated with longevity – chrysanthemum, peach blossom, pine and bamboo. He is usually shown astride an elephant, a symbol of wisdom and strength. Having him in your home brings joy and beauty.

The direction of Lee Tie Guai direction is south, and his element is fire. He is often shown as a street beggar, carrying a magic staff and an iron crutch. His staff and the gourd that he also carries are symbols of medicine, and he can create medicines due to his mastery of energy. He is considered a benevolent saint, believed to help the poor and the sick. He occasionally travels to the Heavens in the form of a dragon, but also visits Earth when needed, rising a chimera.

He Xian Gu guards the southwest and her element is earth. Taoists believe she is still living, and would be more than 1,400 years old. When she iis 14 years old, she is given the Peach of Immortality, and she is shown holding a lotus blossom, which symbolizes her power and purity. She rides a deer, a symbol of longevity, and is believed to help people who are desperate and in need of divine intervention, as well as bringing luck to marriage.

Lee Dong Bin guards the west, and his element is metal. He carries a double-edged, magic demon-slaying sword on his back, which was given to him by a dragon. The sword makes him invisible to evil spirits and allows him to hide from them in the Heavens. Called Ancestor Lee by the Chinese, his beard, which is parted three ways, symbolizes the three channels taken to achieve the highest form of meditation. His inclusion in your home insures that no one with evil intentions can enter.

Installing the figurines of these 8 immortals, each of which carring their magical treasures, at the eight directions in your living room or your house is said to be very auspicious, and brings to the occupants of the family a life of happiness, joy, protection and love!

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