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The Internet Is Today’s Phone Directory

Online marketing (also called iMarketing or digital marketing) uses electronic mail (e-mail), wireless media, and the internet to promote sales of products, services, and non-for-profit organizations worldwide. Consumers can investigate and pay for products, services, and make donations without transporting themselves to another location. Internet marketing connects a broad consumer base with business owners, while costing only a small percentage of the price spent on conventional technique. Due to the very nature of the internet, its speed of communication, this type of marketing brings rapid results. Once you understand the fundamentals, it is not complicated.

If the concept and method of online marketing is new to you, hire a reputable and trusted firm to launch and handle the day-to-day operation until you are ready to handle things on your own. However, you may decide to keep the firm, most are reasonably priced for the work that they do, the positive results achieved, and easily accessible should you need them during an immediate urgency.

Establish your objectives; this is key to your success. Once you have decided what it is you are marketing online, you must select:

1) A website that includes your domain name, and website hosting. You can readily find a reasonably priced web host by searching the internet. Your website’s name should communicate what you are selling or promoting, easy to remember and to spell.

2) Have an internet marketing plan. Remember, you are promoting to consumers who are viewing your product or service and comparing it to others online. You must stand-out.

Web marketing offers different types of service:

1) Pay Per Click (PPC/I) (Cost Per Click) leads internet traffic to pre-determined websites where promoters compensate the website owner when the advertisement is “clicked” and viewed. This is used to publicize and promote e-commerce and other business leads.

2) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) measurably expands the noticeability of the website thereby improving the number of times the website will be viewed (hit). Think SEO — the greatest advertising implement used in online marketing.

3) Social Media (Social Media Optimization) affords consumer assistance whether marketing from one business to another or from business to consumer.

Brand marketing on the internet provides true customer service. If the consumer is computer savvy, and most are these days, they appreciate the speed of communication and the prospect of continuing dialogue that builds and nurtures a successful business relationship. Always provide accurate information to your consumers and business relationships as well, and safeguard the confidentiality of others.

Every chance you get, promote your website address using internet advertising. Periodically, measure the success of your online marketing method. Down the line, you may need to make adjustments to optimize your website. Your website’s traffic can be monitored and studied to improve your hit statistics. Online marketing is an important business tool in the business world today.

Before you embark on online marketing, understand what you want to achieve and how you will implement this, from brand marketing to social media marketing