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The Itchy Manhood And Public Places – Useful Precautionary Measures

It happens all the time: a guy is in a very public place with people all around (including some that he desperately wants to impress) when he is suddenly struck with a case of an unbearably itchy manhood. Sure, if it happens just once during the evening, he can surreptitiously make a quick scratch or wander into a deserted hall for a moment; but when the itch is persistent, what’s a guy to do? The answer is twofold: pre-plan how to deal with an itchy manhood should the situation arise and practice appropriate male organ care in order to minimize the chances of getting that embarrassing itch in the first place.

1. Pre-planning: Scope things out
When arriving at the event in question, a guy should take a moment to quietly survey the lay of the land; this is especially important if a man is going through an itchy manhood period and he knows that he is likely to need to scratch.
• Locate the bathroom. Clearly, the easiest way to get unobtrusive scratching relief is by paying a visit to the bathroom, but that’s not always possible; the facilities may be single-user and occupied, for example, or a man may be so itchy that excusing himself every time he needs to scratch may lead others to believe he has bladder control issues.

• Make note of out-of-the-way spots. A corner with a potted plant or a wall with a repellently ugly piece of artwork is likely to be sparsely populated by guests. These settings provide an escape opportunity for a man to walk over, turn with his back to others and quickly get in a scratch while pretending to observe the plant or painting.

• Follow the guys. If a group of men are congregating in an area of the room, an itch-prone male can join in; the occasional quick scratch is much less likely to be noticed or frowned upon than in a mixed-gender group. Once the itch is gone, he can make his way back to where the women are.

• Measure the height of furniture. Slipping behind a high-backed chair often provides a man with just enough time to get in a quick scratch.

2. Take appropriate care.
Being prepared is great, but even better is taking precautions that significantly reduce the risk of an itchy manhood striking in the first place.

The first thing to do is to determine what is likely to cause the itch. Clearly, if a guy has a fungal, yeast or bacterial infection, he needs to take steps to bring this under control. The same is true of any social diseases which may be causing the privates to itch. Seeing a doctor is a good first step, especially for partner-transmitted infections. Getting medical treatment may be necessary.

More often, male organ itch is related to simpler causes – a neglect of hygiene, sweat/heat, skin irritants or allergic reactions. That’s why it’s important that a man takes regular steps to minimize these causes. The privates should be washed regularly so that it is clean; a gentle soap or cleanser needs to be employed, and a soft towel used for drying. Laundry detergents should also be mild and free of chemicals that may cause irritation.

But simple washing is not enough; to keep the itchy manhood at bay, men really need to include a superior male organ health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) in their daily health routines. It’s essential that the chosen cream has powerful moisturizing capabilities: a combination of a natural vitamin-based hydrator (vitamin E is excellent) and a high end emollient (such as shea butter) can help provide the intense moisturizing needed. It’s also helpful if the cream includes vitamin A; the anti-bacterial properties of vitamin A not only fight unwanted male organ odor, but help destroy itch-inducing bacteria.