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The Lake District of Finland

Tampere is a city in southern Finland located between two lakes, Nasijarvi and Pyhajarvi. Since the two lakes differ in level by 18 metres, the Tammerkoski rapids linking them have been an important power source throughout history, most recently for generating electricity.

Tampere Pirkkala has rapidly become the third-busiest airport in Finland. It was opened in 1979, and the latest big step in transport was celebrated in October 2000 at the opening ceremony of the new motorway between Helsinki and Tampere.

It is very unique as the city itself is surrounded with forest and lakes and makes this industrialized looking city fresher and more appealing for tourists. The gateway to the Lake District of central Finland is located on a narrow forested isthmus between the lakes Nasijarvi and Pyhajarvi. There are 200 lakes and ponds in Tampere.

Tampere is an university town with lots of young people which should be enough to assure you it is easy to find a place to party. There are quite a many discos and clubs s in the centre, and especially at summer time the city has lots of opportunities.

The backbone of the city is the cobbled main street, Hameenkatu, which forms the basis for the checked street pattern covering nearly all of the centre. Hameenkatu starts at the railway station, leads west over the Hameensilta bridge and past the Central Square, and continues as far as the Alexander Church and the City Library.

Most shopping resorts are located either in the close vicinity of Hameenkatu or in Koskikeskus, the shopping paradise by the rapids.

The obvious choice for any music lover is Tampere talo. It offers international as well as national music experiences with styles ranging from classical to popular music.

The Lenin Museum is a unique institution in the post Cold War world. Owned by the Finland Russia Society, the museum contains two permanent displays, one of which describes and depicts Lenin’s life, and the other his strong association with Finland. The museum began operating in 1946, but its significance and functions have been changing ever since, as a result of the junctures in world politics.

One of the best landmarks of Tampere, is the tower which commands spectacular views in all directions. Even the lift to the indoor look out terrace is an adventure, as the lift moves at six meters per second. The whole ride up takes 27 seconds.

The Sarkanniemi amusement park has 30 carnival rides, a huge aquarium, a childrens zoo, a planetarium, a dolphin aquarium, and a 125-metre high observation tower with a revolving restaurant.

Douglas Scott writes for The Car Hire Specialist. and is a free lance writer for The Tampere Villa Site