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The Modern Shed and Its Many Purposes!

Traditionally sheds were small, dingy outhouse buildings mainly used for the purpose of storing garden tools or other extraneous items of the house. But, the modern shed has literally transformed itself into something more than a utility room and is used for various needs.

Tired of guests camping on the sofa in the living room? Don’t fret; an aesthetically designed garden shed with all the amenities can easily become your spare room where you can put up your guests. You can install electricity, water, put in a bed and a cupboard and a small bathroom and voila; your garden guest room is ready! In fact, your guests will perhaps welcome this little bit of privacy where they can retire and greenery and flowers are always pleasing to the eye.

If your house cannot spare a separate room for the kids to play around or maybe you would just like the children to have a playroom slightly away from the house, then, the modern shed is your answer. The shed can be fitted with windows, lights and fans and shelves built inside the shed where the kids can store their toys and books.

The children too will be very happy to have their own little space! Your little girl can play ‘house’ in this cozy shed while the little boy will most definitely think of it as his ‘fort’ or something! And, once the kids become teenagers, the shed can be converted into a hideout for adolescents where they can lounge with their music, books, computer and TV.

The modern garden shed also works wonderfully as a quiet retreat for the adults of the house. It can become a den or study or just a lounging area where you can spend some quiet time on your own. It can become an excellent studio if someone is artistically inclined and the location of the shed permits enough sunlight. You can have broad windows which let in the light and fit up the shed with electricity etc. All your paints, easels, canvases can be stored here without cluttering the house and you will certainly have enough privacy and peace to carry on with your painting. And not to forget, nature is a true inspiration!

Garden sheds in modern times can also be converted into work areas especially if someone is working form the home. It is ideal for this purpose as it is in close proximity to the house (if emergency calls) and yet away from the distracting hustle and bustle of a regular household.

Tom Razor is a marketing director for Solid Build – provider of modern shed. Being an expert and enthusiast in outdoors and gardening, Tom gives advice of how to better your home and garden. For more info visit