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The Need for Oil Production Optimization

Oil wells change the way they give oil as time goes on. A once strong flowing well may not be what is used to be. Yet, despite that it is clear that there is still a lot of oil to get pumped out of any particular well. When this is what happens then oil production optimization is necessary. Doing something that will increase production of a particular well can make the difference in the revenue a well produces, not just the barrels of oil. These changes do not happen to new wells, but ones that have been producing oil for years are more likely to run into the need to do something to help better access the oil.

An example of this need for oil production optimization is well that had been producing for fifteen years. At this point the production was down by fifty percent, there was obvious damage to the well cap and some water seepage. Obviously the well was still producing so it was not going to be closed but it seemed like the same amount, or more, work was being done with so much less results. The company decided to try a few changes to increase production. The installing of some equipment to eliminate the water and to increase the hydrodynamic pull was tried. They were successful as was shown with a little more than thirty seven thousand extra barrels during the next three quarters of a year being pumped from the well. This was a very big jump in production.

There are many companies working hard on producing oil production optimization equipment so they can show similar results. The goals are the same; to increase performance of those wells that are showing poorer than usual results. But as well, in general this equipment is designed to optimize the number of barrels being produced daily from any given well. The technology on so many of the current wells is becoming obsolete and so needs to be replaced with better, new, higher technology that can improve production at the wells.

At the same time, consumers can help by evaluating their dependency on oil based products and working to find ways to make their usage more efficient, by whatever means are possible in their individual circumstances. Making those changes will ensure that our present generation has what it needs in order to keep functioning, as well as making life a lot easier for the generations that will follow.

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