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The PCSO Application Process

Unfortunately, there has been a huge increase in the occurrence of antisocial crimes and petit delinquencies. This has been met by the police with the recent addition of Police Community Support Officers, known as PCSOs for short. With the huge increase in media attention, the public is now even more aware of the crimes that are affecting them.

For this reason they are demanding answers and reassurance from their local police authorities. The PCSO application process is as a consequence; one which more and more potential officers are choosing to take.

PCSOs were introduced to get back to community policing roots and provide reassurance to the public that they are safe and unlikely to suffer from petit crimes. The job of a PCSO is therefore community based and dealing with minor crimes and issues facing the residents of the area they are assigned to.

Most PCSOs will not be asked to deal with serious crimes and do not have the power of arrest. Their job is more diplomacy based and they serve as an authoritative figure. This is designed to prevent crimes taking place and to put someone on the streets to point young people and potential delinquents in the right direction by steering them away from drugs and crime and towards some more positive goals.

For those that successfully make it through the PCSO application process, they can expect many rewarding aspects to the job they will perform. Firstly, they will be able to make a genuine and positive difference to their local community and reassure local residents of their safety. They will also get the opportunity to work with young people and to steer them back onto the straight and narrow. This could be a huge reward if you are the right sort of candidate who enjoys making a difference.

Obviously, not everyone can just become a PCSO because they like the idea. The PCSO application process is designed to find the right candidates who can perform the tasks at a very high standard. When the safety of the public is at risk there are never going to be any corners cut or any assumptions made. Full tests and applicability assessments are carried out to ensure that the candidate is responsible and attentive enough to perform the tasks with which PCSOs are charged.

For those that are successful, the salary and pension schemes are very fair and it can be a good way to progress into the police force if that is your final goal. The PCSO application process could be one of the best commitments you ever make.

The PCSO application process will sort out the very best candidates and offer them the chance to embark on a truly unique career. There is no question that the job may be tough but the rewards are there and you can make a huge difference to the local community. For many people this may not be their right path but for those who are suitable, it could be a very different and rewarding career choice.

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