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The Perfect Gym Where I Would Fit Right In!

Copyright (c) 2011 Claudel Kuek

Have you ever gone into a fitness centre or gym and knew right away that you did not belong? State of the art gym training equipment that looks futuristic and promises to wield results if you dare get closer; expansive aerobics studios with sweaty bodies and dance fanatics; well-placed niches in the fitness club dedicated to sports like kickboxing and the latest vibration training equipment that doubles your speed to fat-loss; even its exquisitely furnished lounges and changing rooms to freshen up in; they all unnerve me.

Perhaps what we all need is less pressure to be perfect, less pressure to belong, less of the typical gym feel and more of a casual and relaxed fun feel. How about a fitness centre or gym that brings out the fun factor through its functional training equipment, through its exercise programs whether it be boot camps, yoga, aerobics or dance, through its relaxation corners, through its service people? How about a fitness club that remembers my name, empathises with my fitness goals, understands my lifestyle challenges, offers me comfort in playing my favourite music to workout to?

I might find such a fitness environment conducive to learning the new good habits of healthy living, happy goal-setting and maybe even extend my new-found productivity to work and family too. After all, I have heard so much about exercise and good nutrition being the backbone of all good things. Under the right fitness conditions, I could be persuaded to sit through the fitness assessments, listen in on the life-coaching tips, and dabble in the newest classes of Zumba and Pilates. Zumba is the latest exhilarating dance combination of popular pop music and Latin-inspired dance-fitness. Think Jennifer Lopez! And Pilates works on strengthening your abdominals, lengthening your spine and lifting your butt. Every Pilates workout forces the use of core muscles and combines the benefits of strength training and calorie burn to give you an evenly toned, well-conditioned body. Think Pippa Middleton! What I really want is to quickly be feeling totally fit, supremely right and vivaciously in!

Find me a whole new concept of fitness, fun and feeling fabulous; help me fit into that pair of jeans that I used to be able to wear; focus on my ultimate fitness goal keeping in mind that having fun is my biggest motivator; and I will be your perfect fitness buff in training.

Claudel Kuek, Director of Physical ABuse Fitness Centre Singapore ~ a brand new fitness centre gym located in Central Singapore, Havelock Road.! The fitness club where keeping fit, feeling right and being in are goals for everyone; where fitness and fun come together in a twist of modern fusion.