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The Perfect Job – 5 Great Places To Start

The challenge we all face, whether we like it or not, is that we are, unless we are very fortunate financially indeed, going to have to work for our living, some way or another.

Now that ‘work’ word, can mean a whole host of things. From self-employment to real employment for someone else. The bottom line is that we need some way of producing an income that will keep us afloat. Fed and housed at the very least.

And to do work that makes us feel good is more than possible – so a job hunt is on, for something; somewhere, that is out there waiting. The perfect place for us to do the kind of work we love.

If we’ve got to do this work thing, then why not do it right eh?

So where might we start to look for this elusive ‘dream job’? Here are 5 great ideas for you.

1. Where You Work Now

Often, especially if you work in a big organization, there will be a huge range of jobs there, some of which might suit you down to the ground.

Indeed, if you are looking to manipulate your way to a great job, it might be a useful strategy to get into the organization first and then work your way into a position where you can apply for the job you wanted in the first place!

2. Where You Worked Before

That said, and now you know better, there might have been fabulous roles in places you worked once before. Time to get creative here. Where you worked before; where you were educated; or did a vacation job; or even volunteered.

There are all sorts of places you’ve been before that might hold that totally perfect position just for you. Think hard, dig deep and consider your past!

3. Where Friends or Family Work

So, do you know people who have jobs just like the one you want? How did they get it. Where is it? Are there any more? And whilst you are at it, who do your friends of family know that might be able to help you get closer to that opportunity that you’ve been seeking?

Truth is, most people want to help – if they know what you want. Friends and family are the best place to start. Even if they don’t know, or can’t help directly themselves, chances are that they might know someone who can.

4. In The Newspaper

This is no ordinary search though. you are not reading the Wednesday evening ‘Job Vacancies’ edition (though you can, if you want to). This is a bigger prize. This time you are going to get the biggest and poshest ‘Appointments’ section of the biggest and poshest newspaper.

In the UK it would be the ‘Sunday Times’ or something like that. In the US, it would possibly be the ‘New York Times’ – you get the picture! You are looking for the sort of job that would really appeal – not that it might seem possible right now – that’s not the point.

It’s about what you ‘aspire’ to. Then you will have a better feel for the real ‘perfect job’ for you.

5. At The Careers Service

Maybe much maligned, in many countries of the world there are facilities put on by government to help you find what is right for you. Often highly trained, the professional staff in these places are there to help, so it makes great sense to build a good relationship with them.

Take the time to engage and enquire. Judge the sensitivities and attitudes and play to them. You may be surprised at how much you can get from one of them.

Above all, the best we can do for ourselves is realize that we have the capability to get out there and seek what we deserve. Just appreciating that is much more than most people do.

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