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The Problems with Cookie Cutter Weddings

If you just want, “A Wedding,” then perhaps a cookie cutter wedding is the way to go. It is, after all, easy. As a matter of fact, there are wedding facilities available, and not just in Las Vegas or Reno, that provide everything you expect – that is as long as you expect a white dress, black tux, a smattering of flowers, a standard white wedding cake (that might even be artificial so they can reuse it), and a few pictures. If that is all the celebration your wedding deserves, then a cookie cutter wedding is probably for you.


If you want a wedding that truly celebrates your new life together then you want to get away from a cookie cutter wedding – as far away from it as possible.

To do so, requires planning and planning a wedding requires thought. It is not hard work, but it is not easy either. Especially, since, in most cases the weddings that little girls grow up dreaming of are little more than cookie cutter weddings.

This is natural. Often a young girl is dazzled by the first wedding she sees, which more often than not is no different than the past fifty that have happened in that community. That is why they are called cookie cutter weddings.

It is also, in my experience, one of the reasons that grooms have no interest in being involved in the planning of the wedding – because a cookie cutter wedding does not actually involve planning, it involves scheduling. And since he did not grow up dreaming of his wedding, he wants to plan, not simply schedule but knows from the experience of life that he will probably not be given that opportunity.

But the marriage of two unique individuals deserves a celebration that is individualized to match their blended personality. Maybe it will be elegant. Maybe it will be fun loving. Maybe the ceremony and reception will be adventurous in some way. That is something the couple must decide.

What do you do if all you can afford seems to be a cookie cutter wedding format? Simple. Have fun with it. Why not play with the idea and create a theme out of it?

Give cookie cutter wedding favors to your guests, to complement the pizza sized warm chocolate chip cookies brought to every table in place of the wedding cake. Occupy any children at your wedding reception with the opportunity to decorate small baked treats to take home after the celebration. If you are really daring, you could even have someone create cookie bouquets for you and your bridesmaids to carry – but then again, maybe that is going a bit too far. Still, it would create a memorable cookie cutter wedding – that will be anything but!

Jeanette Shinn is a wedding professional with over a dozen years experience making dreams come alive. Find tips and accessories from cake jewelry to fu cookie cutter wedding favors at