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The Raw Food Diet, is it Right for You?

The Raw Food Diet is one of first things that come to mind when someone hears or sees the word “diet”. In this type of diet, you only eat foods that are not cooked. In this way, it is believed you gain all of the available nutrients contained within the food. When considering this type of dieting technique, it is important to know the details about what is involved.

The raw food diet is based on idea that everything should be eaten while living, or as close to living as possible. This living material is not necessarily the food, but the enzymes that are in the food. Many of these enzymes are known to die after they reach one-hundred and two degrees. Thus, while cooking foods also kills harmful organisms, it also destroys these important enzymes. Heat also causes the structure of the food to break down and cause the food to become toxic (although the reverse appears to be true in potatoes). Enzymes are often referred to as the energy that is contained in the food.

The first difference that will happen if one begins eating raw food is a change in the balance and functioning of the bodies system. Cooked foods force the stomach to deal with larger molecules, thus leading to the production of more acid. When one eats only raw foods, the stomach acid becomes less dominant in what is passed along to the intestines.

Raw food diets can be divided into several different categories. There are those that are made up of mostly fruit, sprouts, or fruit juices. Depending on which types of nutrients are needed, you change the foods you eat.

Some raw foods will include nuts, in order to get protein. If this is part of your diet, it is best to soak the nuts for twenty-four hours, which allows for the rejuvenation of the enzymes.

There are also several diets that are made up mostly of raw foods, with a few cooked foods on occasion. Usually, a raw food diet consists of a minimum of seventy-five percent raw food.

There are several different changes that those on a raw food diet will notice. The first is that there is increased energy. This also includes an overall improvement in general health. The body will also go through a process to detoxify, and get rid of all the harmful chemicals built up over the years from cooked foods. The immune system is also known to improve with this kind of diet.

If you are interested in a raw food diet, you can expect your body to go through several changes. The raw food diet is one that is well known among several who are interested in changing their lifestyle towards eating different types of enzymes. The results of the raw food diet help with an increase in energy, as well as a change in the balance and functioning of the body. By looking into and researching what the raw food diet will include, you can decide whether it is a right move for you.

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