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The Scoop On MySpace

MySpace is an internet site for social interaction that seems to have taken on a life of its own. This website is the six most popular internet site in the world, and the third top ranking site in the United States. More than 100 million people have signed up to become a member of this well known internet site because it offers so many great features. You can interact with your friends, meet new people, and post your own blog. The site also allows you to download music, videos, and photos. MySpace is available in 15 different languages.

Besides the sheer numbers of people who visit MySpace daily, it does offer some great features that many people find useful. You can design your My Friends section and then send messages to the entire group rather than individually. You can also post information on the bulletin board for all to read. There are also pages for users who share a common interest to hang out and talk about it. Probably the most used feature at MySpace is the Instant Messenger. This allows people to talk back and forth instantly rather than responding to an email.

While people of all ages are welcome at MySpace, most of the online profiles belong to teenagers and young adults. The minimum age for an account is 14. This has led to some concerns though due to adults surfing MySpace as predators looking for unsuspecting younger males and females. It is important that you know where your child is visiting on the internet and that they do not disclose personal information such as their address on their MySpace profile. Used safely, MySpace offers a great place for online interaction to take place.

Another reason individuals need to be very cautious when they use MySpace is because it has been found to contain various types of spyware. This has lead to a great deal of phishing to lure internet users into handing out their personal information to scam artists. This is done by sending an email that appears to be from MySpace asking for log in information. If you receive such emails, don’t respond. Instead, contact MySpace directly.

Identify theft has increased in recently years, and a great deal of the information that has been taken is being linked back to MySpace. This internet site has taken this information and is working hard to ensure everyone using the site is safe and secure. They are also doing all they can to prevent phishing and identify theft by informing new users about the potential risk before they can sign up.

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