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The Similarities Between The Sleep Ailment Sleep Apnea And Snoring

When diagnosing the condition Sleep Apnea, it is easy to get it mixed up with snoring. Unfortunately the difference is it can lead to complicated health conditions, if it goes unnoticed.

Sleep Apnea can be caused by many factors, as in snoring although one is harmless, and the other is potentially harmful. There is treatment however in the form of a CPAP machine.

Our sleeping patterns constantly get abused, a good nights rest can affect our health, well-being and mind. It is predicted that over 17 million in the US have the condition alone. Therefore more awareness needs to made of what symptoms to look out for.

Good And Bad Snoring When someone snores, the person snoring is normally completely unaware they are doing it. Light snorers are harmless and sleeping a full nights sleep is normal for them. An unusually loud snorer is normally a sufferer of sleep Apnea. As the airway gets blocked, they can stop breathing for seconds and even minutes at a time, at the end of a breathing pause, it is followed by a grunt the reason behind why Sleep Apnea sufferers often get confused with snorers.

The morning after the night before they can often sleep a full night without waking. This can’t be said for their partner however. A person with Sleep Apnea will suffer with pauses in breath causing them to wake up gasping for breath. Someone with Sleep Apnea has a very poor nights sleep making them feel extremely drowsy the next day.

What Causes Sleep Apnea and Snoring There are many reasons for why someone suffers from snoring: from being overweight to just lying on your back. Alcohol and smoking have also been proven to effect the condition. The causes of Sleep Apnea are very similar. However you are more at risk from Sleep Apnea if: you are male, overweight, over 40 years old and you have a large neck. It has also been proven to run in the family.

The Warning Signs The best way to self diagnose yourself with the condition is by your partner noticing you have stopped breathing or by conducting a sleep study. Though there is a whole array of symptoms you can have and notice yourself which could be an indication you have Sleep Apnea, these include: Poor Quality of sleep, waking yourself by snoring especially if you have just fell asleep, headaches, depression and fatigue. If you think you have the condition it is best to seek advice from a doctor.

The Treatment Snorers have been advised to use gum guards, nasal strips and sometimes medication. It is more vital however, to treat Sleep Apnea. CPAP machines were invented to provide a strong force air into the airway via a CPAP mask, whilst they sleep to keep the airway open. This way a sleeper won’t stop breathing whilst asleep.

A CPAP mask allows the ideal amount of air pressure to passed to the lungs while the patient is asleep in order to ease a number of sensitive breathing problems.