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The Simple Steps to Effective Fat Loss

It is not too uncommon for adults to find themselves in there 30’s and 40’s with widening middles and a larger size hanging in the closet. This gaining of weight is brought on by a slowing metabolism, sitting at a desk all day and by the stress of daily life. For woman there is the added weight gain of having children.

When you finally realize that your size is increasing year by year it is a hard reality to deal with. You have to look at all the options and there sure are a lot of options.

The solution is simpler than you think. You have heard it before eat less and exercise more. To do this you do not need to go out and join a gym or buy a scale and weigh every bite of food you put in your mouth. You simply need to put into place and take action upon easy to follow lifestyle changes.

To start with take a look at the food you are eating. Turn over the labels and read what a serving size is and how many calories are in a serving. If you keep in your mind that you want to consume around 1500 calories a day then follow the label you will do fine. At 1500 calories you should loose weight and this is an amount that if you eat an extra cookie you have some room for error.

Buying into and following the latest diet craze is always appealing. Looking at those young toned bodies running on the beach and remembering when you were once young makes the fad diets hard to resist. The problem with most of these diets is that they are only a temporary fix. You are not curing the problem you are only treating the symptom.

To really fix the weight gain issue you need to take a good look at your life. Are you at a desk job? Are you home with kids all day? Do you pack a lunch or eat out? Do you eat on the road while traveling to work and running errands? All these factors play into weight gain for adults.

The next thing you need to do is to get up and move. Remember you do not need to join an expensive gym or invest in dozens of exercise tapes just get up and move. Start with parking farther away from the office. Then put a lead on the dog and go for a walk after dinner. If all you feel you can fit in is 5 minutes start there and move up. In the beginning it may be hard to complete a mile but if you stick to it in a few months you will be walking a few miles with no problem and loosing weight.

Follow these extremely simple steps of paying attention to what you eat and getting up and moving and your waist line and over all health will improve in a sustainable way.

Jim Mack is a mentor, business builder and sales trainer. He built several successful sales organizations and successful businesses. He is building successful businesses and mentoring people to success.