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The Unique Nature of Jerusalem Real Estate

Copyright (c) 2011 Nir Hodara

Jerusalem Real estate is perhaps the only real estate in the world that has emotional and spiritual significance for all members of the three monotheistic religions. Jerusalem properties are bought and sold annually by members of the international community as well as by local Israelis. This makes Real Estate in Jerusalem a melting pot in which local and international real estate trends meet. Jerusalem Real estate and Jerusalem properties are in demand both because of the strong international interest in the city and because of the annual growth of the city’s population. Combined with the current trend in the Israeli real estate market in which prices continue to rise, Real Estate in Jerusalem is a well worth investment.

A good example for the unique nature of Jerusalem Real estate is the neighborhood of Talbieh. Talbieh is truly one of the most beautiful areas of the city. Authentic Arabic style architecture and British mandate era buildings combine with beautiful gardens and greenery to create one of Jerusalem’s most peaceful and beautiful locations. Jerusalem properties in the area are always in demand. Another example for Real Estate in Jerusalem is the neighborhood of Rechavia. Rechavia is a truly fascinating example of the unique architecture Jerusalem Real estate and Jerusalem properties have. Here too, tree lined mandate era buildings and historical structures dominate the architecture. The preservation of buildings that have an historical significance means that many of the buildings in this neighborhood, as well as in many of the city’s other neighborhoods, may be hundreds of years old.

One can safely assume, because of the unique place Jerusalem occupies in the history of religion and culture that its importance, both as an urban center and a historical one, is assured for generations. With that in mind, local authorities have invested large amounts of money in recent years to establish architectural renovation projects to ensure that monuments and historical sites will be preserved. Authorities also invested in modern transportation means such as the newly opened light rail that connects the various parts of the city and improves the residents’ quality of life.

Jerusalem Real estate is considered, in the local Israeli real estate market, to be an excellent investment. International interest and demand combined with the high local demand combine to create a well worth economical investment. To this, one must add the spiritual significance that is relevant to almost any potential buyer.

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