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The Use of Acupuncture to Balance Your Yin and Yang

Have you ever wondered about those long thin needles that you hear people talk about using to restore their health or eliminate stress? How many times have you seen reports on the television or read articles in magazines or the newspapers that tell of the benefits of this practice?

Most people have seen or heard about acupuncture, but how many of them actually know anything about it. Most people have an image of some needles get stuck into you and it makes you feel better. The word acupuncture means needle piercing. Acupuncture is a Chinese medicinal method by which thin needles are placed in specific places to cause certain reactions. These specific places are called acupuncture points. The belief is that these special points will allow the rebalancing of the body’s energy. This will allow for whatever is making a person unwell to be alleviated. Acupuncture treatments are best known as a method for relieving pain.

Unlike most medical courses of action, acupuncture is part of Chinese philosophy not just a medical procedure. Its success is best explained in these terms; Chinese philosophy tells us of the balance of yin and yang, yin being dark and yang being light. The life elements, yin and yang, is what the aim of this traditional Chinese medicine is all about. If the yin and yang become out of sync, the body becomes ill. Only restoring the balance can restore the body’s physical and emotional health.

The needles used in acupuncture must be put in very specific places to help very specific conditions. Despite this fact the uses of acupuncture is almost limitless. Acupuncture therapists claim that they can fix many illnesses including; respiratory conditions, the common cold. They can help gastrointestinal disorders like ulcers, colitis or gastritis. Acupuncture is used for neurological and musculoskeletal disorders from migraine headaches to osteoarthritis. Even bed wetting. Chronic conditions that people are afflicted with like arthritis, skin disorders and injuries. It can also help eye and mouth problems like pink eye and gum disease. Some acupuncture specialists claim that they can help those suffering from depression, sleep disorders or chronic fatigue. Others will say they can cure addictions like smoking, alcoholism, eating disorders or drug addictions.

Westerners are turning to this method of healing because they are tired of modern medicine which is so much more invasive. They do not want to take pills for everything. Many people are looking for natural methods to heal themselves. This is one reason that acupuncture continues its growth in popularity in the western world.

Scott Meyers is a staff writer for Its Entirely Natural, a resource for helping you achieve a naturally healthy body, mind, and spirit. You may contact our writers through the web site. Follow this link for more information on Acupuncture.