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Things to do in Hampi with South India Tour

A history so fascinating and the ruins so glorious… Hampi is surely the hub of finest historic “Opulence”. Once which was a prosperous capital of Vijaynagar Empire is now a mysterious land studded with the ancient ruins and monuments

The quaint town of South India is a popular tourist destination often visited by art lovers and the people with an affinity for archeological wonders. So are you ready to wander into the lanes full of ancient royal ruins and more…

Here is the list of the things you can enjoy doing while your Hampi Visit with your tour of South India:

Temple Tour of Hampi

Your South India Travel is incomplete without visiting the temples of Hampi. The ancient town is dotted with temples in every corner. The 15th-century religious structures are mostly in ruins now. The prominent temples to sight over are Virupaksha Temple, Vittala Temple, Krishna temple and more.

Riverside ride via coracle

The ancient town of Hampi is often visited to explore the heritage ruins that articulates the finest of historic past. But like many other places in South India, if you are looking for enjoying the oneness with nature, take a riverside ride in Hampi on a boat. The only difference is that you will be riding a round-cane boat which are called coracles and which is serving as a substantial means of transportation in Hampi back from the 15th century. Enjoy this nonchalance of nature and unique experience in Hampi while your South India Tour Packages.

Climbing the giant boulders

Apart from being the hub of mesmerizing cultural ruins, the geology of the historic town also leaves the visitors in awe and wonder. Hampi is embedded with giant boulders predominantly. So, all those travelers looking to satisfy their thirst for adventure can try climbing these huge boulders with Adventure Tour of South India.

Paddling a cycle

As exquisite as this town, as unique are the ways of touring it. It’s not via walking or car rental (though you can have it too for your South India Tour) but via Cycling. Yes, to explore this quaint town at its best, rent a cycle and start paddling down the trails full of spectacular sights.

Exploring royal enclosure

If you have an interest in exploring the finest of a heritage structure, then make sure your South India tour itinerary includes a visit to the royal enclosure in Hampi which features several notable structures. The royal glory of the place and the gallants of the military are well portrayed in spectacular structures here. There are several other citadels that will catch your eyes like Lotus Mahal.

Sunset from the Monkey Temple

Of the different places to visit in Hampi, most of them serve as the best points to catch the spellbinding views of sunrise and sunset. But the Monkey temple of all these is the best spot to watch one of the best sunsets of your life. Nestled on a hill, the Monkey temple is often visited by devotees to seek blessings and to enjoy the tranquility of environs watching the sun setting.  

Accommodation on a rice field

When we said earlier that you will have some “first-time experiences” while Hampi Visit under South India Holiday Tour, we mean every word of it. Because for your stay, you can choose the cottages with all the “elementary” facilities overlooking the extensive rice fields. This is an ideal option for travelers looking for solace close to mother nature. Watching the simple things as sunrise or sunset or taking a walk through the paddy fields is JOYOUS here.
The town has been listed as the second best destination by New York Times to visit in 2019. So without further ado, mark check in front of HAMPI in your travel bucket list by booking South India Tour packages online now.

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