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Think Like a Buyer When Selling Your Home

Everybody is busy and looking for the fast, easy way to accomplish nearly every task in life. That goes for selling a home as well. So, in this article I will give you my best selling home tips so that you can get the job done quickly. I’ve been buying and selling homes over the course of several decades so that means I’ve learned a thing or two about selling homes!

There’s no doubt that this is a tough real estate market all over the country, and in some areas it’s worse than others. I’m fortunate that where I live part of the time and where I own property is doing better than most areas, so I am still active as a real estate investor with homes for sale and for rent. Let me share my biggest tip of all right up front, and that is to make sure you think like your prospective customer. That’s right, you have to take off your seller’s cap and put on the buyer’s cap in order to think like a buyer. That needs to happen right up front in order to renovate the home if necessary, clean it up to show it off in the best possible light, and advertise it for maximum exposure. Probably none of my other selling home tips even come close to this first one in overall importance because you have to get into the mind of your prospective customers when prepare your home and write your ads to appeal to them. You have to really work at seeing your home the way your customers are going to see it.

How do you accomplish this somewhat unnatural feat? How do you suddenly see your home the way other people will see it? Well, it’s not complicated, but you just have to take time and wonder through your home, really looking at it with fresh eyes, as though you are the new buyer. This is really the kingpin to success in advertising and showing your home, I promise you. It has worked for me for over thirty years and it can work for you.

In other words, the kingpin to all my sell a home tips is to think like a buyer and not a seller. Once you make this important transition in your own mind, it’s easy to fix up your home, write a chatty, detail-filled ad with plenty of juicy details to post online and show your home to prospective buyers with enthusiasm. It’s easy because you are coming from the mindset that sounds like this, “Wow, this is a great house, look at all these unique features…” You don’t come across as a seller who is tired of the place and just wants to get rid of it. In fact, if they don’t make an offer quickly you might just keep it yourself!

Leo Kingston, who owns 18002SellHomes in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma emphasizes home owners ought to have an option to sell a property quick for cash as required. He’s been advertising to home homeowners in OKC with his “We buy houses” commercials for over 20 years. Call Leo today to gather more information information on selling a house quick.