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Three Important Elements Of Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essays, as the name indicate are used to provide a vivid description of a person, place or thing. To write descriptive essay can be very easy thing to do as there is no use of personal comments in the essay, on the other hand it can be tricky as you have to engage the reader till the end. Therefore, the word choice and ideas should be well crafted.

There are many ways for descriptive essay writing but before you begin writing the essay, I would like you to read the following features of descriptive essays. If you will consider incorporating these features in the descriptive essay then you will surely be able to fetch good grades for yourself.

Facts and figures:

Relevant facts and figures are the most important part of an essay writing especially when it comes to descriptive essay writing. Include them in order to support the arguments in the essay; this will improve the overall credibility and worth of your descriptive essay. Sometimes, students incorporate those facts as well which is opposing to the subject matter of the essay descriptive.


This is the backbone of the descriptive essays; you have to make sure you are properly sketching the object, event or personality etc. You will have to provide each and everything about the person, place or thing. For example; if you are writing about a particular personality; you have to mention his full character sketch that would be including his features, strengths and weaknesses etc. If you are writing about a particular birthday party then you would have to discuss almost all of the guest, the activities, birthday games etc.


By and large, descriptive essays are written for describing a place, even or any occasion. This makes thing easier for the student. If you are writing about a certain geographical location then you should at first discuss the geopolitical situation of that place. For example; if you are writing about any resort you can highlight the climatic conditions and the travelling facilities and accommodations. What is the surrounding atmosphere of the resort? What is the popularity level of that resort? You can also write it in the form of a travelogue which will reflect a particular adventurous experience of an author.

There is no hard and fast rule for writing descriptive essays and there are no standard features that you have to incorporate in the essay. It is not compulsory that if you don’t use them in your descriptive essay, you won’t get good grades in essay exams. It was just to provide you a rough idea on how should the descriptive essay is?

Therefore, you should make sure that the preceding suggested three elements are incorporated in the descriptive essays because these elements would complete your essay in the end. Make sure that it is properly formatted, structured and revised so as to make sure that there is no flaw left in the essay. Final words of advice are to ask your teachers if there is any confusion or problem in the essay.

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