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Three Kinds of Document Shredders

The 3 different kinds of document shredders are strip cut shredders, cross cut shredders, and also small cut shredders.

There are data intruders which lurk in every corner waiting to jump on every single chance they see. Therefore, individuals and corporations alike have resorted to using paper shredders to totally destroy forms they intend to remove. According to the level of security you or your enterprise needs for your discarded types, there are different kinds of shredders you could choose from.

Strip cut shredders

Among all of the types of paper shredders, the strip trim shredders are the most basic as well as the least expensive form. It is because, apart from the reality that this is the very first kind of shredder which was designed, this type of shredder employs only some slicing tools as opposed to others, and thus they are much easier and much less costly to produce. This type of shredder slices bits of document into long and narrow strips. The dimensions of the strips are one-eighth to one-quarter inch wide. This specific shredder could cater to the largest volume of paper components at a single time because it simply cuts once. Although this kind of shredder falls in comparison to the usefulness of the newer forms of shredders in relation to safety, these are nevertheless really in demand for their own document shredding services, due to their low prices and use in offering superb packaging paper materials. Incredibly determined data thieves might be able to extract important personal information from the shredded pieces if they could find and also connect the items from one document. Nevertheless, with the recently added security measures, this can prove tougher for criminals to complete.

Cross trim shredders

Cross cut shredders offer users an advanced safety in comparison to the simple strip cutters. It is because this shredding unit performs 2 actions simultaneously. It not just cuts bits of paper vertically, but it also slices them horizontally. Therefore, the shredded pieces of document are cut into much smaller parts. Nonetheless, apart from being far more pricey than their basic counterpart, they can simply manage fewer papers to be shredded in the same amount of time just as the strip cutters because of their slower functionality. What makes these types of shredders sellable is obviously because of the fact that they offer a higher sense of security for dumped and shredded files. Moreover, these shredders are also more efficient in the space which the shredded bits of paper occupy in the waste container. In comparison to the strip trim shredders, the shredded waste materials in the container of cross cut shredders occupy only half of the space. Therefore, with the efficiency in saving space, this kind of shredder is the most popular choice among commercial businesses because of the higher level of security it provides.

Tiny cut shredders

To acquire top security from data thieves, some individuals make use of mini cut shredders. This specific shredder resembles cross cut shredders, except that it cuts the paper in a smaller dimension. Certainly, government agencies and related offices use this type of shredder because of their extremely high safety needs. Pieces of paper that are put into this kind of shredders are actually turned into dirt particles, with one 8 x 11 piece of paper shredded into 6,093 unrecognizable items. Despite this level of safety, there’s still another small cut shredder that could shred a sheet of paper to a little over 12,000 parts. In addition to this very high level of security is of course also a high value.

Due to the fact that identification thieves have continuously become more effective in their procedures, makers of shredding devices have also been continuously trying to stay one step ahead of these criminals. Thus, despite the latest way of shredding documents into extremely small particles, manufacturers still continue to improve the efficiency of their products.

Written by Patricia Strasser. If you need to read more about document shredding services, please click