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Three Points to Improving Your Personal Growth

Three Points to Improving Your Personal Growth

We all like to improve ourselves in many ways, even if it is simply to be liked and appreciated, rather than be taken for granted. We have all experienced the good deeds we do for others, only to become despondent when these are not recognised in the way we expect. We also like to feel as if we have achieved something, and everyone -don’t deny it – likes this to be recognised and told so. That’s why we constantly try to improve ourselves in life – to be told we have done well! So how do we improve our personal growth?

1) Re-assess Your Life

Personal Growth is basically about you growing as a person, which in turn leads to your personal development. This entails a whole re-assessment of your personal life and points to aspects of your life which you want to change and develop.

We all need to change – to adapt to circumstances in life, as you progress through the trials and tribulations of your future.

We all like to develop certain skills to get us through life’s difficult situations. We tend to assess our life and the attitudes of others, and learn to adapt and change our own personality accordingly. This is how we develop skills such as social interaction.

2) Pain is inevitable – both physical and mental

Pain is a natural and important part of life. It is the ultimate learning tool – if you never suffered pain or uncomfortable circumstances in your lifetime, you would never experience aspects of your being which you wish to improve.

Pain is nature’s warning sign that tells us to avoid similar situations so as to prevent future damage being caused and mistakes being repeated.

Of course pain does not have to be just physical. Mental pain can leave just as big an imprint, affecting how we conduct our lives. We have all experienced wounded pride, hurt and anguish, which can all cause great discomfort. But did you know that these emotions can be the driving force behind inspiration, motivation and development? If we use these circumstances as a reminder of ‘what not to do, say etc’, we can become a greater, better person for it, than we could have previously imagined.

3) Don’t be afraid of making mistakes

A fear of making mistakes, prevents people from achieving things they would otherwise be capable of. People who think about the ‘what ifs’ rather than the ‘can dos’, don’t take action and therefore do not benefit from the potential rewards gained by ‘having a go’. This negative thinking leads to all kinds of negative outcomes rather than positive ones.

This attitude is counter-productive as it prevents you from taking risks and trying new things. It also means we are reluctant to make mistakes for fear of looking stupid and failing, rather than learning from them as a way of improving yourself.

You need to become comfortable with yourself, and the things you want to achieve, so that you can adapt to change and counter the negative aspects of life.

When you are able to accept the mistakes that are inevitable in your life, you can begin to benefit from change.

Learn to concentrate on your achievements, not your mistakes. After all, by making mistakes you are constantly learning and by learning from our mistakes, we can become a better person in all sorts of ways.

I have always believed that if you never make mistakes in life, you can never learn anything. Go ahead – make mistakes but be sure you learn from them too!


By constantly learning from your experiences and making the necessary changes to your life, you will improve your life and will feel good about yourself.

Don’t be so hard on yourself, though. Remember – we all make mistakes in life and these should be regarded as learning exercises so we can better ourselves.

Be good to yourself!

Best wishes

Christina Fields

Copyright © 2010 Christina Fields

Copyright © 2010 Christina Fields

Christina Fields is the creator of the Power Charm Formula and provides all readers with the secrets of The Art of Positive Thinking at her website