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Three Things Women Need To Know About The Male Organ

Much of the world has become more open about issues of sensuality, and talking about relationship issues, intimacy and problems in the bedroom is increasingly regarded as normal and healthy. Unfortunately, many couples still tend to beat around the bush, so to speak, when it comes to health issues related to their private parts.

When it comes to the male organ, in particular, women may be afraid to address problems out of concern that her partner will feel that she is criticizing him, questioning his virility or his attraction to her. But the male organ is obviously a major player in any romantic relationship, and retreating from obvious signs of a problem can lead to loss of intimacy and emotional withdrawal. Understanding the male organ and recognizing common male organ issues ( can open the door to honest conversation and to solving problems before they get in the way of a healthy partnership.

To introduce women to the male organ, three important facts about male function, and what women can do to help it along, are discussed here.

1. There’s more to reproductive function than attraction
Although women are prone to believe that men – especially younger guys – can get it up anytime, anywhere, at the site of a desirable female, the truth is much more complex. Excitement is not simply a matter of attraction, and loss of function does not necessarily mean that he’s no longer interested, or that he is just too old. Impotence issues can be related to underlying health problems such as cardiovascular disease, nerve damage, diabetes, or even loss of male organ sensation. Stress, anxiety, and self-confidence are also related to excitement.

In order to get a man to open up about these issues and participate in a discussion about what could be getting in the way of normal function, it is important to address the problem without the appearance of criticism or of questioning his manhood or commitment to his partner. Establishing trust and letting him know that he is attractive and wanted are important in getting him to talk the issue.

2. There’s more than one way to handle the male organ
Many women assume that going after the male organ assertively is what their partners want, or that it is the best way to bring about the desired outcome of a romantic encounter. However, the male organ is a fairly sensitive instrument, and treating it gently – at least once in a while – can make for a more intimate and satisfying experience than leaping in with an all-or-nothing approach.

Women should keep in mind that the male organ skin covers a fine network of sensory tissue that is receptive to even delicate tactile stimulation. Experimenting with soft touch, using silky fabrics or feathers, can be highly sensuous, as can using other body parts to stimulate the male organ skin. Although the sack is often neglected, this can also be highly sensitive, and treating it to some of the action can add significantly to his pleasure.

3. The male organ skin needs TLC, too
Women spend plenty of time on their own skin, applying endless creams, oils and other potions to prevent early signs of aging, heal rough spots, and keep it feeling soft and silky. What most don’t realize is that the male organ skin, which is subject to plenty of rough treatment on a daily basis, needs similar attention to stay healthy, supple and responsive. On the other hand, trying to get a man to use feminine moisturizing products on his male organ is not likely to be well-received. But a male organ vitamin formula ( designed specifically for men (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) may offer an acceptable alternative to male organ skin care. The natural emollients and skin-nourishing vitamins and minerals can help to keep the male organ supple, attractive, and responsive, and the care shown in offering it to him can be just what his self-esteem needs.