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Three Ways To Be More Romantic With Your Partner And Make Them Brag To Their Friends About You

Do you want to have the kind of relationship that is so hot that your girlfriend or boyfriend brags to all their friends about you? Well I think that that is very possible if you just put a little extra effort into it. You see most people just sort of float through life. If you just paddle a little bit you will see that it isn’t hard to win the race every single time. So here are some ideas that you may have not thought of that will make you the ultra-romantic partner that your lover cannot help, but brag about.

One of the best ways to excite your partner is to make sure they are thinking about you when you are not even around them. This is actually very easy. Take a piece of paper and tear it into thirds. Now on each of these pieces of paper write some simple little affirmation about your relationship, your love for her, or a comment about how beautiful she is. Now hide these little notes in places that your lover will find them. When they do find them you are sure to bring a smile to their face and warm their heart.

If you liked the note idea this is kind of that same idea on steroids. Take several strips of paper and stable them together on one end. On each piece of paper write a task that you will perform for your partner. This is now a coupon book. Give the book to your lover and tell them that you love them so much that you want to put their needs above your own. When they present a coupon do it with all your heart and you will surely find that they will be blown away by how big your heart is.

The final suggestion I have for you is quite simple to say and very hard to put into practice. Actually as I write this to you, my loyal readers, my lover is sitting on the couch waiting on me. So let me finish this so I can put it into practice. It is simple, spend less time on work and more time with her. Even if you are just snuggling and spending time together, do it. Give up working crazy hours to spend time with the person you love. At the end of your life you don’t want to be known as the guy who was the best at JUST his job.

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