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Tips and Advices for Toddler Parenting

Toddlers! Toddlers! Toddlers are sooo cute. This stage of life is known to be the most important. During the first three years of life, children grow quickly and become mobile, learn language, begin to understand how the world works and form social relationship.

Parenting a toddler is very crucial. It is one of the hardest when it comes to parenting. It entails different kind of responsibility and commitment.

During their children’s toddler stage, parents are often faced with new problems and issues. These make them confront themselves to make sure that they are in the right track in parenting. The following are some tips and advices in parenting toddlers.

Ensure nutrition basics.
As your toddler gets off baby food and start eating more and more regular table food, you can expect his diet to look just like the rest of the family’s diet. That means three meals a day and a couple of healthy snacks.

Ensure safety.
Childproof your home for toddler safety. Keeping toddler’s safety is a big part of the job of parents. However, it can be tricky to balance a young child’s desire to explore everywhere and everything with a parent’s need to keep the child safe. Parents should know that toddlers often forget the rules about safety and scolding them can make the forbidden item and place seem even more attractive. Childproofing is not substitute for parental supervision; it substantially reduces the likelihood of injury.

Discipline toddlers.
Toddler discipline is a difficult task for parents. Parents need to set limits and provide structure to create an atmosphere in the home that makes these limits easier to respect. One of the behavioral tasks that toddlers undergo is looking and testing for boundaries. As such, it is important that they clearly know where these boundaries lie.

Toddlers must also learn that there is consistency in the way that these boundaries are handled when they cross the boundaries. When you first implement structure, you can expect a lot of testing, crying and often an increase in misbehaviors, as they will be testing your limits.

Discipline is needed on a healthy relationship between parent and child. To know how to discipline your child, you must first know first your child. Build and strengthen this connection between you and your child and this will lay the foundation for discipline.

Set activities for your toddler.
There are plenty of activities for toddler that you can do with your child by using simple household items. Every toddler is an active learner. With his newfound ability to walk around, he is in a completely new relationship with the world and can explore new territory like an old world adventurer.

Through the toddler’s falls, bumps and as well as his triumphs and discoveries, he is learning about how the world works and also about how his own emerging self can help it work even better.

Set potty trainings.

Toddlers are ready to begin potty trainings as early as eighteen months, while others don’t begin until they are two years old or older. And while there are many different potty training methods, one thing is clear, starting too early or pushing your child to become potty trained when they are not ready doesn’t work. So develop a plan on how you want to potty trained you r child and then wait for signs for readiness.

Temper tantrums.

Temper tantrums are another universal part of the life of a toddler, since they can get frustrated easily and cannot express what they need or want very well. While they are something that is to be expected, that does not mean that you cant take the steps to try to make them happen less often.

Most importantly, try to anticipate tantrums, distract your child before one erupts and keep in mind that most toddlers cannot be easily calmed down once a tantrum starts, although you should pick up your child id you think they will hurt themselves.

With these tips and advices, it will make toddler parenting easier and more meaningful. Toddler parenting is really hard and tough. The most important thing is the patience and the love for your toddler.

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