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Tips and Benefits of Home Accessibility Modifications

Tips & Benefits of Home Accessibility Modifications

The trend of home accessibility is not difficult to understand. No matter your age, home care enables those with mobility issues to receive home care comfortably and without uprooting their lives. Whether aging in place or simply looking to adapt your home to your lifestyle, your comfort is what matters.

Need more benefits of home accessibility?

Save money.

The average cost of accessibility home health care is far less than that of an assisted living facility—or most any medical institution, for that matter.

Stay comfortable.

There’s no place like home, and that’s especially true for your accessibility considerations where you reside. Moving to a new home in a facility could cause undue stress, when all you want is to relax. Stay home and stay comfortable, with familiar places and faces.

Just make sure to get out and about and greet those smiling faces! Social interaction is good for us all, and with your home modifications getting around will be a breeze.

Maintain independence

Your comfort matters, period. With mobility issues tends to come a certain amount of daily compromises—you’re constantly asked to adapt to the world around you. Your home should be different. When remaining home for medical care, it makes sense to tailor every detail of your house to your needs.

Home mobility modifications

Move around easily and with confidence, take care of yourself, and maintain your privacy and dignity. It is possible, with home modifications (which may actually increase the value of your house).

Temporary mobility rentals

If you’re not ready to commit to Big Changes in your house, consider the temporary rental mobility equipment available in Hampton Roads. Among the many products you can rent to increase your mobility are the following:

  • Stairlifts help you travel from one floor of your home to the next easily
  • Wheelchair ramps provide smooth entry and exit points for you
  • Motor scooters offer a simple and efficient mode of transportation
  • Portable showers are safe, quick to set up, and easy to use

Long term mobility solutions

When you’re ready to go all the way and shape your environment around your lifestyle and needs, you’ll want to look into the following to get started:

  • Stairlifts are installed in a day and last for years to come
  • Wheelchair ramps allow you the freedom to come and go as you please
  • Wheelchairs and Power scooters get you where you need to be

Bathroom Modifications

One of the most dangerous places, and the one where you want the most privacy, it’s especially important to modify your bathroom to be mobility-friendly.

  • Grab bars in your shower can prevent slips and falls
  • Walk-in tubs mean you can avoid the high leg lift to get to your warm bath
  • Roll-in showers simplify the bathing process and keep you safe

Your home is your safe place, or it should be. Skip the cold, impersonal medical facilities and stay home where you’re comfortable. A home mobility company in Hampton Roads can help you make the changes needed to age in place or update your home accessibility.

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